Pure water with a conscience

New Multi-Functional Water Filter For UK Homes Launches LONDON, UK, June 2011– A new counter top hot and cold water dispenser has been launched today to provide consumers with a cleaner, smarter and faster source of water in the home. The…
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Getting your BIBO in time for Christmas

Santa's got a new helper this year... BIBO! If you've got friends and family coming to stay, BIBO can make hot drinks and provide chilled water all round in a flash
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Home Water Cooler

If you are searching for a water cooler for your home or small office, look no further than the BIBO home water cooler. For years water coolers have been built for the office market, meaning that millions of consumers have missed out on the…
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Instant boiling water for UK kitchens

Instant boiling water is rapidly becoming a kitchen must-have. As our lives get busier, and electricity and water become more precious commodities, it makes little sense to run the tap to get cold water and repeatedly boil an inefficient kettle…
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UK Home Water Purifiers

It's recommended that you should drink 2 litres of water a day. But drinking lukewarm tap water with chlorine in it is often not an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a home water purifier to make your tap water taste great, then look…
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Tis the season to stay hydrated

Stuck for the perfect present this year? Save time & get healthier with a BIBO home water dispenser

BIBO highly recommended by Yoga Magazine

Read Yoga Magazine's review and recommendation of the BIBO home water dispenser