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5 Convenient life hacks to make your life a little easier

Life can get busy and sometimes we all need a little help to get through it all. We have to cook, clean, do laundry and keep an eye on the kids all at once.  However, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, we decided to do some research and sift through the myriad of life hacks out there and narrow the list down to the most useful tips & tricks for the modern homemaker.

Below you will find five convenient life hacks to use around the home to make time-consuming everyday tasks more a little easier.

BIBO drinking water coolers1. Dry laundry faster with a dry towel

Reduce the amount of time your laundry spends in the dryer by throwing a dry towel in with the wet items.  It will absorb some of the moisture and the load will dry much quicker.  You will also save a lot of electricity using this nifty little trick.



Domestic water dispensers bibo2. Use shower gel to prevent soap scum from building up in the tub or shower

We’re all sick and tired of trying to clean soap scum from shower floors and tubs.  The oils and fats in soap bars stick to surfaces and build up into grimy layers that are hard to clean. Combat this problem by switching to shower gel, which also acts as a detergent and won’t cause a sticky, grimy build-up.



Electric hot water dispensers for tea3. Get the most of your fresh herbs by freezing them in olive oil

Fresh herbs are quite expensive and you rarely use it all in one recipe.  Instead of letting it dry out and go to waste, shred the left over herbs with your hands and lightly pack into an ice cube tray.  Top it up with olive oil and freeze.  You’ll have fresh flavour cubes for any recipe.  Simply take one or two cubes, melt the in a frying pan and you have a flavourful base to prepare your meal.


Keeping food fresh4. Prevent smells and produce going stale with food huggers

We’ve all been faced with that horrid raw onion smell or gooey half-cut vegetables when opening the fridge.  Keep the nubs of half-cut produce fresh by covering them with a food hugger that will seal the ends.  No more funky smells or tomatoes making a mess.



Water chillers for home  bibo5. Travelling with kids?  Keep them organised with plastic baggies.

Little people are notorious for creating chaos for the sole purpose of driving their parents insane, and when you’re on the road it’s even worse.  Kids love taking their time with mundane tasks such as unpacking their suitcases and they love stuffing bundles of dirty clothes back in.

Organise your little ones’ clothes and pack each outfit in a zip-locked plastic baggie to save time, effort and your sanity.  It will also prevent creases and sloppy looking clothes.



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