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Bottle your own water with BIBO

Bottled water is becoming increasingly difficult to justify. Did you know?

• Drinking a bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car one kilometre
• Some US towns & cities have already banned sale of bottled water in municipal buildings
• One litre of bottled water takes about 3 litres of ordinary water to make, uses enough oil to fill about a quarter of that bottle, costs about 840 times that of tap water and creates over 5,000 times more carbon emissions than tap water
• Transporting the UK’s bottled water creates more than 33,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions – roughly the amount of energy used annually by 6,000 homes
• It’s estimated that Wembley Stadium could be filled twice over with the amount of bottles entering landfill sites every year from the UK
• Plastic bottles are so durable that it takes centuries for them to decompose

It’s no wonder that environmentally-sensitive individuals and families are urgently seeking an alternative – especially in areas where tap water doesn’t taste nice.

Up until now, UK homes have only been able to buy filter jugs as an alternative. But regular complaints are that they are slow to use, get dirty quite quickly and take up valuable space in the fridge.

That’s why we’re bringing BIBO to the UK. A technologically advanced water filter, chiller & boiler with many features not yet seen packaged together in one appliance. It is sleek, compact, quiet & simple to use.

The combination of chilled and boiling water from a single dispenser let alone one of this diminutive size is unique and ideally suited to the UK kitchen where we all love chilled water and enjoy a cup of tea made with fresh, great-tasting water.

If you’ve hankered after a convenient, stylish and instant alternative to a filter jug, you can learn more about BIBO here.