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Arm yourself with natural remedies for the flu season

According to the NHS, colds and flu affect over 15 million people in the UK each year and the flu season of 2010 / 2011 saw pandemic levels of confirmed influenza infections.  Over the years numerous tonics to increase our defences against cold and flu have been tried and tested.

With the help of BIBO – the multi-functional water dispenser that produces chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button, these remedies are easily available in the fight against flu this Winter.

  • For centuries ginger has played a stellar role in traditional Chinese medicine as a powerful tool against the common cold. Combining the power of anti-viral compounds found in ginger with the rind of one orange, this cocktail provides your body with a natural army to fight off that pesky cold. Simply boil cubes of fresh ginger for 20 minutes in BIBO’s purified boiling water before adding the orange peel and simmering then strain and serve.
  • Lemon Balm tea is known to help eliminate toxins from the body and with BIBO’s boiling water you can make your tea instantly at the perfect temperature, meaning quicker relief from nasty symptoms.
  • Ancient Egyptians and the Romans turned to the pungent garlic herb for its strengthening powers and antibacterial properties that help our immune system to fight infection. Simply add a couple of cloves of chopped garlic to BIBO boiling water, and let it stew for 30 minutes, squeeze in some lemon, add some good quality honey, and treat your body to this powerful drink.
  • A real handy remedy for chest congestion is a simple Hot Toddy recipe – the good old Hot Toddy will relieve nasty cough’s. Coat the bottom of a mug or an Irish coffee glass with honey, add rum or whisky and the juice of a lemon quarter. Top up with BIBO boiling water for the classic cold and flu remedy.

As these remedies demonstrate, staying hydrated is very important in the management of cold and flu symptoms and keeping the body healthy. Not only does drinking the correct amount of water keep your major organs functioning properly, but it improves vital nutrient absorption and detoxifies.

In order to maintain the required level of healthy hydration, BIBO can supply pure, filtered, clean, healthy water at the touch of a button. This means instant access to chilled or boiling water any time. The technology behind BIBO means the water is filtered several times to guarantee purity and taste.

The BIBO costs £363 and is available from  www.bibowater.co.uk.


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