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BIBO: the home office essential

Statistics reveal that more than 5.5 million people in the UK are now working from home, a rise of 13 percent in less than a decade. This represents about 19% of the existing UK workforce. Advances in web technology and remote working software mean that it is easier than ever before to work from home, or to  manage a business from home. This, coupled with the recent hike in fuel prices is driving more and more people to set up dedicated home offices. BIBO, the home water dispenser launched in June this year, has noted that a significant proportion of its sales are coming from home workers.


A good number of our customers are people who work from home for big firms on a regular basis, or are running their own businesses from home. The financial- and environmental- cost saving aspects of home working are becoming greater every day. When working, whether at home or in the office, it’s very important to remain properly hydrated.  Having a BIBO means that home workers can get healthy hydration at the touch of a button. For as little as 15p per day, the BIBO offers more cost effective hydration than bottled water and means there is no need to wait around to make a cup of tea before that critical conference call!


Research shows there is strong scientific evidence linking cognitive performance levels and hydration.  Regularly drinking filtered water helps maintain work performance and through the BIBO water dispenser, the user can enjoy instant access to pure water throughout the day.  The BIBO also eliminates the need to mass-buy bottled filtered water, which is extremely harmful to the environment, meaning you can have a clear glass of filtered water with a clear conscience!