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Gourmet cooking with filtered water

Washing lettuce
Let’s start with what your tap water may contain: micro-organisms, heavy metals, chlorine, and the list goes on. The fact that chefs at most fine-dining and gourmet restaurants only use filtered water in their cooking indicates that there must be sound reason behind this decision.

So how does cooking with filtered water affect the taste of your cooked food?  According to the folks at Mavea Inspired Water, hot beverages like coffee and tea have a stronger and fuller flavour as there are no chemicals present in the water that will reduce the body of that perfect cup of java.  Furthermore, professional chefs and gourmet foodies alike have also reported that starches, such as rice and pasta had a much creamier and more pleasant texture when cooked in filtered water.  We wouldn’t say no to a bowl of rich, creamy Alfredo.

When you’re planning a delicious gourmet meal, you won’t skimp on the ingredients.  Only the very best will do, so why prepare your feast with tap water when you’ve taken great care in selecting fresh produce and free range cuts of meat? You can get so much more flavour and goodness out of your meal with filtered water.

The most significant difference between cooking with tap and filtered water comes in when you consider the chlorine used to rid tap water of harmful organisms.  Sure, the chlorine kills the waterborne contaminants, but it also alters the taste and seeps into your food, particularly vegetables and starches.  Sourdough recipes are another example where you’ll notice the difference when you use tap water as the chlorine reacts with the yeast, which ultimately affects the taste.  This is where a home water filter comes in handy.  Do a simple test by cooking two equal portions of pasta or fresh veggies in filtered H2O and you’ll quickly notice the difference.  The vegetables will even retain more of their natural, bright colours.

In a nutshell: cooking with filtered water is a real treat for your taste buds, with some health benefits thrown in for good measure.