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Feng Shui Your Kitchen Top Tips

White BIBO in stylish kitchen
A recent survey from the UK’s largest architectural practice showed that 91 percent of homeowners said they would rather improve than move, even if they were given the choice. However, a need for more space can make moving unavoidable. To help create more space downstairs here are some top tips to feng shui your kitchen.

  • The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home and, in feng shui, is seen as a direct reflection of the state of your health. Therefore the kitchen should be airy and spacious, clean, bright and welcoming
  • Keep clutter at bay by trying to have a place for everything. By installing a BIBO, you replace the need for a kettle and a water filter. It has been designed to fit neatly under overhead kitchen units and its dimensions are 32.5cm high, 30cm wide and 35cm deep.
  • Invest in good lighting. Experiment with different levels of lighting and do not limit yourself to one single ceiling fitting
  • Choose colours that work well together. The BIBO water filter comes in a range of eight colours to fit in with all kitchens. For a smaller kitchen lighter colours can make the room feel bigger and a simple repaint of the cabinet doors can be enough to change the atmosphere of the room
  • Think about having some open display shelving. This opens up a small, confined space and lightens the energy by creating a better flow
  • Bring some fresh herbs into your kitchen to give a welcoming smell
  • Have fresh fruits or flowers on the table or side for a touch of brightness to make your kitchen alive with energy



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