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Home Water Cooler

Buy yellow BIBOIf you are searching for a water cooler for your home or small office, look no further than the BIBO home water cooler. For years water coolers have been built for the office market, meaning that millions of consumers have missed out on the opportunity of having boiling & chilled filtered mains water on tap. Instead they have had to rely on bottled water or unwieldy, old-fashioned filter jugs.

The BIBO home water cooler has been created to change all that for good.

BIBO is one of the new generation of water coolers designed entirely for use in your kitchen at home. It’s a sleek, compact home water cooler with a colour touch screen interface that first filters your mains water to fantastic quality and then delivers it boiling and chilled at the touch of a button.

The BIBO water cooler costs only £383. The price includes VAT, a free 1 year warranty and the first set of filters. Buy your BIBO water cooler online now.



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A Beautifully elegant, instant boiling, instant chilled, filtered water dispenser
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