Instant boiling water for UK kitchens

Buy red BIBOInstant boiling water is rapidly becoming a kitchen must-have. As our lives get busier, and electricity and water become more precious commodities, it makes little sense to run the tap to get cold water and repeatedly boil an inefficient kettle to get boiling water.

Retro-fitting a boiling water tap can be a challenge however – the holes required in the worksurface are large and you typically lose much of the under-cupboard space you had before. Plus, if you move house, you can’t take your hot tap with you.

That’s why so many people looking for instant boiling water are buying a BIBO home water dispenser. It provides boiling hot water on demand, at the touch of a button. Plus, BIBO only requires a tiny hole (less than 1cm in diameter) in order to be plumbed into your home water supply, meaning that (unlike an instant boiling water tap) it’s easy to move around, and easy to take with you if you move house.

BIBO combines many features not seen before in a single kitchen appliance – it filters your mains water to make it taste great, then you can dispense water both boiling and chilled at the touch of a button. No waiting, no waste, no fuss! Try the BIBO – the future of water at home. Models are available from £299. You can buy online here; BIBO will even come and install it in your home or office for you.



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