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Keep Calm & Drink More Water

Child with glass of filtered water

It’s official, according to the Met Office, 2016 is going to give us a longer, hotter Summer, with highs of up to 33 degrees celsius and 3 whole months of warm weather! Here at BIBO we know from years of providing clean, filtered and fresh water to customers around the UK that drinking water is absolutely vital to staying happy, energised and clear-headed. Don’t just take our word for it, it all comes down to science…

Most people remember from distant memories of school biology classes that the average human body is around two thirds water. Water is vital for many bodily functions including lubrication of the joints and eyes, flushing toxins and waste out of the body and maintaining healthy skin and digestion. Despite this, many of us still don’t drink enough. According to Professor Higgins from the University of Texas, early symptoms of dehydration can be varied and not necessarily what you might expect. They include, bad breath, dry skin, headaches, muscle cramps, fever and chills and cravings for sweet foods.

Instead of fixing a set amount of water we should each drink every day (are you fed up with counting glasses too!?), a good indication of whether you are getting enough of the clear stuff is urine colour and odour: a strong smelling, dark coloured urine can mean you’re not drinking enough water.


How can you drink more?

  1. Grab a handy BIBO Water Bottle, keep it with you and take sips throughout the day – sipping can help the body absorb water more effectively than glugging only when you get thirsty.
  2. Make use of our Spring Sale and invest in a BIBO Bar hot and cold filtered water dispenser to make herbal teas throughout the day. You can even use our BIBO Thermal Bottle to take homemade tea out on the road with you – no more lukewarm cups of tea from your local coffee shop! Stock your cupboards with the delights of herbs! Try PUKKA Teas  for an amazing range of organic herbal teas blended to calm, uplift, help digestion, clear the mind and lots more – you’re guaranteed to find one you love.
  3. Homemake your favourite flavoured water – add berries, grapes, peaches, or chunks of any other fruit you love to your BIBO Water Bottle and get a naturally flavoured, thirst-quenching drink without the fake flavourings and excess sugar.

Remember that taking exercise, sweating in the sunshine, drinking coffee and alcohol, as well as eating lots of salt or sugar can all make you dehydrated. If you enjoyed this blog, here are even more BIBO tips on how to stay hydrated through the Summer months.

Guest Blogger: Nina Brown

Nina Brown is the founder of Tandem Festival (tandemfestival.com) and editor at InTandem Publications (intandempublications.com). Tandem aims to bring environmental issues to a broader audience through the arts.


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