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Water leaves
Its January, the promised cold spell is finally upon us and we’re back in the supermarket hankering after fresh salad to wash out the grease of pigs in blankets and goose fat. My first supermarket salad pack of 2016 has stuck with me as it boldly claimed to be Washed in Spring Water, and this got me thinking

Now before you jump in and exclaim how pretentious and faddy this claim is, let’s step back and think about why the idea of fresh water is attractive and indeed, important, to our wellbeing.

In the few seconds a particular salad pack sitting amongst five others on the supermarket shelf has to impress the rushing consumer, the image of a fresh, flowing spring is easy to imagine, the very sound of the words have a clean quality and hold the promise of a revitalising, clean and generally healthy substance that you really want to eat! Add to this the fact that our bodies are 60% made of water and that more and more chefs are cooking in filtered water (see our blog post for more on this http://www.bibowater.co.uk/cooking-with-filtered-water/) and you’ve got more than enough to bag your BIBO now and even wash your salad in BIBO water to save on the expense of supermarket salad bags.

Everything about BIBO strives to be clean and fresh, bringing the freshness of spring water into your home without the negative environmental and health effects of endless plastic bottles, heavy lugging of these bottles from supermarket to car, not to mention the huge financial cost. The design, the simplicity of use, the low noise and energy usage levels, and the quality of the water produced are all part of the BIBO quest for clarity, health, for a new way to bring clean water into the home, for the Future Of Water. Heck, even the BIBO offices sit on natural springs from the Evenlode River in Oxfordshire!

As mains water in the UK and elsewhere becomes increasingly contaminated with nastiesthe BIBO offers pure, clean and great tasting water, both refreshingly cold and comfortingly hot. The BIBO uses a state-of-the-art tabletop filtration system with ultra-sophisticated, multistage carbon filters and UV lamp purification. This unique system retains the much needed minerals, whilst filtering out any contaminants, eliminating any water born bacteria and ridding the water of the foul taste, heavy metals and harmful effects of the chlorine and fluoride that are routinely added to our mains water supply.

Start 2016 with the BIBO promise of clean water and you will soon feel refreshed and revitalised.

Guest Blogger: Nina Brown

Nina Brown is the founder of Tandem Festival (tandemfestival.com) and editor at InTandem Publications (intandempublications.com). Tandem aims to bring environmental issues to a broader audience through the arts.



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