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Renters – don’t compromise on your kitchen appliances

With the average age of the first time buyer now reaching 38, ‘generation rent’ are now facing the prospect of up to 20 years of paying rent.

People who rent properties often have to compromise on the quality of their kitchen as they ‘make do’ with the appliances already installed. Now, renters can benefit from the hot new kitchen gadget that provides a cleaner, smarter and faster source of water in the home by installing the new BIBO dispenser that eliminates the need for both a kettle and a filter jug.

Traditionally, renters would not be able to install a filter tap as it would mean the kitchen utilities would have to be changed. The new BIBO is entirely landlord friendly, as it simply plugs in to the main water supply without having to change the kitchen units.

For as little as 15p per day, the BIBO means there is no need to wait around to make a cup of tea or boil the kettle to cook pasta. It can provide 7 litres (approximately 30 cups) of chilled water and 15 litres (approximately 60 cups) of hot water each hour. It comes in a range of eight colours – silver, black, cream, red, blue, orange, yellow and green – to suit any kitchen and to fit underneath standard kitchen units, so you can easily take it with you when you move on to your next property.

If you’re sharing with others, you can also benefit from space saving in the fridge, as the BIBO will eliminate the need for a bulky filter jug. Make a BIBO your next housemate, and enjoy the health, cost, space and timesaving benefits from having pure, filtered water at the touch of a button!

The BIBO can be purchased for £363 at /which-buy/.


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