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The Cool Hot New Kitchen Appliance

There’s a hot new gadget in town that everyone will want in their kitchen this Christmas. BIBO is a multifunctional counter top water filter dispenser that gives you chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button.

With instant chilled or boiling water that’s filtered several times within the system to ensure purity, BIBO can be set to dispense the specific amount of water that you prefer so you can fill your favourite mug, jug or cafetiere – hands free.  This gadget also helps you out in the kitchen by reducing the amount of time you have to wait for boiling water to cook pasta, vegetables or hot drinks, and it looks great too. All for less than 15p per day!

Available in 8 colours that can be coordinated with your kitchen, BIBO will replace your outdated kettle and allow you to reclaim your fridge space, as the system also makes the bulky filter jug obsolete.

Easily installed by a friendly BIBO technician at your convenience, the water dispenser is simply fitted to the water mains so is suitable for all kitchens.
The BIBO costs £383, which includes a comprehensive one year warranty and two filters. You can buy the system online from https://www.bibowater.co.uk.


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