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The rise of the smart kitchen

The kitchen is affectionately known as the heart of the home.  It’s the hub of family and friends gathering, sharing meals and memories. Most of us remember warm rusks coming out of the oven at grandma’s, or waking up on a Saturday morning to the smell of bacon and pancakes prepared by our parents. This culture is still alive and well.

However, the design and style has evolved multiple times over the last couple of years.  Few homes still have traditional pantries and overhanging pot racks, as the ultra-modern trend gains popularity.  In keeping with this trend and the rising need for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly appliances, there’s been remarkable technological innovations for the modern kitchen.

Below are innovations that will save space and transform the kitchen into a smart and efficient area.

The Smart Knife

Smart knifeThis nifty little gadget looks like something right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie.  It will tell you whether your food is fresh and safe for consumption. What’s more it detects toxic chemicals or bacteria.




The Smart Fridge


Smart fridgeNothing beats a fridge that keeps count of its contents and suggest a recipe based on those ingredients.

The Samsung Smart Fridge does all of that and also lets you create shopping lists that you can share with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.  It also reminds you of items that are about to expire, meaning you won’t end up discovering an ancient bowl of leftover spaghetti growing its own self-sustaining eco-system.



The Multi-Purpose Water Dispenser

Grey bibo bar home filtered water machineThis technological wonder creates space by replacing the kettle, water filtration systems and portable coolers in your kitchen. It’s also energy-efficient, as it can be programmed to automatically switch off when you’re asleep, not home or not using it, and switch on when you need it.

Because tap water contains a variety of contaminants that can negatively impact your health, having a multi-purpose filtration system is essential. This is because it promises clean water at a fraction of the cost of unsustainable bottled water. The BIBO simply connects with your mains water supply and dispenses healthy, filtered water at your preferred temperature.

You will have a glass of chilled water or that perfect cup of tea at the touch of a button.

It’s clear that the clean, open, minimalist and fully automated kitchen is fast approaching.  It’s already happening as more appliances are launched with Wi-Fi and mobile-device connectivity.    Soon we’ll have the convenience of adjusting the oven temperature or from anywhere in the house with our smartphones.

Say goodbye to multiple, single-purpose appliances, and having to manually change settings. Welcome to the future where one item features multiple functions and make your lifestyle affordable and easier.


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