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Tis the season to stay hydrated

Christmas BIBODuring the upcoming festive season, staying well-hydrated is an integral part of maintaining a sensible weight at a time when our intake of indulgent foods and alcoholic beverages increases dramatically! Alcohol consumption in Britain increases by 40% during the month of December, making drinking enough water vital.

This Christmas, you can enjoy pure, healthy chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button, with the new BIBO water filter dispenser, ensuring purity and great taste. As the busy party Season kicks off, BIBO provides a valuable time saver for that extra time spent making Christmas dinner and entertaining. The BIBO can provide hot and chilled water for a range of everyday essentials, including blanching vegetables, making gravy, filling a teapot or coffeepot, a bain marie, or simply for chilled water.

There is no doubt that time is limited at Christmas – we would rather spend it enjoying the company of friends and family than spending hours cooking. The BIBO water dispenser means there is no waiting around to boil a kettle and it offers quick access to pure, chilled water at a time when hydration is of particular importance.

BIBO makes a great Christmas present for the whole family. It costs £363 and is available to buy from our website or by calling 0800 678 5969.