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UK Home Water Purifiers

It’s recommended that you should drink 2 litres of water a day. But drinking lukewarm tap water with chlorine in it is often not an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a home water purifier to make your tap water taste great, then look no further than the technologically-advanced BIBO tap water purifier. Unlike most purification systems, BIBO combines water purifier technology with the ability to dispense the purified water both boiling and chilled.

So not only do you get a state-of-the-art drinking water purifier, you also get the ultimate in convenience: boiling and chilled water at the touch of a button. No more filter jugs, no more bottled water, no more kettle!

BIBO is a water purifier designed specifically for the UK market and combines many features not yet seen in one kitchen appliance. Uniquely, BIBO sits on your worksurface so it doesn’t take up valuable under-counter or cupboard space, and you can take it with you when you move. If you want to transform your tap water into clean, fresh, great-tasting water then BIBO is for you.

The BIBO home water purifier costs £363 and is available online from the BIBO home water purifier web site.


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