BIBO is the new age of water filtration summed up in one attractive appliance that supplies the most refreshing, pure water available. It’s revolutionising the UK kitchen and has become a great alternative to most appliances, from hydro boilers and urns to filtered bottled water and even kettles.

The idea of the BIBO was inspired by Jonathan Brown – an innovative figure in the water industry who has over 20 years’ experience. Initially, he introduced bottled spring water in the UK under the name Crystal Spring. After it became the largest European brand in the cooler market, it was bought by Hutchison Whampoa.

Jonathan had realised just how unsustainable bottled water was, as it had a negative impact on the environment and was too expensive for most UK homes to afford. Seeing this need, he set on his journey to develop a countertop appliance that would not only dispense delicious tasting water, but also in a manner that was environmentally friendly and affordable.

Today, BIBO has its roots tightly ground in the UK, Australia and South Africa. It is available as the affordable BIBO Bar or multifunctional BIBO Classic. More businesses and homes are beginning to realise that this product is more than just the future of water dispensation; it’s the future of sustainable living.

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