Benefits of Filtered Water for Health and Home

Drinking water regularly throughout the day is one of the most essential activities you can do to keep yourself healthy. But, if you happen to live in an area where the water supply just doesn’t taste that great, then filtered water might be the best option for you. Filtering our tap water not only enhances the taste, it also increases the natural health benefits for your body and for your home.
The BIBO Water Dispenser does this and more, giving you cold or hot water on demand. With this simple and innovative solution, you can reap the benefits of filtered water in your home, or in your workplace.

Understanding Filtered Water’s Impact on Health and Home

Clean water is essential for your health, hydration is one of the best things you can maintain to make sure your body functions at an optimum level. Staying hydrated flushes out toxins keeps joints lubricated, keeps our kidneys healthy, and has many more essential benefits. But, for water to work its magic, our bodies need clean, filtered water.

Examining the Role of Water Filtration Systems for Homes in the UK

There is a growing trend for UK households to use water filtration systems, particularly as awareness around health and wellness rises. Concerns over water pollution as urbanisation increases are pushing this trend forward.BIBO is a brilliant alternative to tap water as it gives the option for hot or cold filtered water at the touch of a button.

Why does tap water taste different during lockdown?

Using the same method for filtration thatbottled water companies use, this is the best water filtration system for the home in the UK.

Unveiling the Best Water Filter System in the UK

The BIBO Water Dispenser’s magic comes from the multi-level filtration, that works to remove impurities from your tap water.

Connected to the mains water supply, it uses a silver-impregnated carbon block filter to remove chlorine, microplastics, herbicides, insecticides and micro-organisms. Furthermore, if you have the BIBO Classic, a powerful UV filter kills off any remaining bacteria, leaving your water clean and pure. BIBO offers both hot water and chilled water and is the more environmentally friendly option by using 25% less energy per day than a kettle.

All these benefits are combined in an easy-to-use digital interface. Plus, the BIBO Classic comes in a sleek design with 12 different colours to choose from so you don’t have to worry about aesthetics!

Discovering Filtered Water Benefits

In 2022, the UK’s Drinking Water Inspectorate found multiple cases of impurities that have the potential to harm public health. Numbered among these cases were E.coli, Lead, Nickel and general issues caused by a lack of cleanliness of the national water storage systems.

Water filtration systems would help to remove any of these contaminants, reducing health risks, as well as promoting optimal brain, kidney, and heart function. The cleaner your water, the better it can work to protect you.

What are the health benefits of drinking water?

Enhancing Your Home with Filtered Water: Benefits Beyond Taste

Filtered water also helps the environment. By using BIBO, you will be able to reduce your environmental impact as the need for storing plastic bottles full of cold water in your fridge will be gone.

Furthermore, with the removal of harmful impurities, the remaining healthy minerals remain, promoting healthy organ function.

How Does BIBO Filter Water?

BIBO uses activated carbon, silver, and UV purification to treat your tap water. Let’s take a look at how these work:

  • Carbon is taken from an organic source and then heated to activate its filtration properties. This then gets condensed into a block filter which removes chlorine, sulphur, and various other chemicals from water.
  • The silver infused in this filter adds natural anti-bacterial properties, giving a cleaner filtration.
  • UV light radiation removes any need for chemicals such as chlorine as it disinfects the water, removing many organisms such as algae and parasites.

Other water filtration systems for the home mainly use only one type of filter and will often sit underneath the countertop making cartridge and filter replacement difficult. BIBO, instead resides on the countertop and offers a higher level of micron filtration as it uses carbon block, silver and UV light filtration.

filter your own water

Clearing the Air: Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Filtered Water

Some common misconceptions surround water filtration. For example, one myth that many people seem to believe is that filtration removes the minerals that are good for your body. BIBO, along with other filtration systems usually do not filter out healthy minerals such as calcium and potassium. But, acidic impurities in your water before filtration can impede your body’s ability to absorb these minerals. Essentially, filtered water is healthier for you overall.

Another myth is that boiling your water does the same thing as a water filter. Whilst boiled water can reduce the number of bacteria, harmful contaminants such as lead and nickel will remain. It is only through filtration that you can trust your water is truly safe to drink.

Beyond Taste: Exploring Enhanced Clarity and Quality in Filtered Water

The benefits of filtered water are many, with improvements in taste, clarity and quality. Clear water is a welcome improvement in any area that experiences hard water, particularly if that area also experiences sediment as well.

But beyond aesthetics, even in areas with soft water, filtered water can enhance the flavour and quality of any drink or food made with water. With harmful chemicals, bacteria and other microbes filtered out, only the good stuff remains leading to healthier bodies working at optimum capacity. If you are interested in learning more about BIBO, have a look at our different products or chat with one of our advisors.
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