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Five easy H20 hacks to help you drink more water

  How are those resolutions going? If you’ve been trying to drink more water in 2022, chances are the cloudy tap water is starting to feel old. Or perhaps, you smashed Dry January and are determined to carry the healthy habits into February. These ideas will keep things flowing in the right direction!   Get… Read more >

Try this easy way to conquer your resolutions in 2022, with a BIBO

If you’re one of the many people making positive life changes in January, you’re probably full of good intentions. When we start something new, novelty and curiosity sweep us along. This time, we tell ourselves, it’s going to be different. We’re committed. We won’t give up. But over time, it’s common for enthusiasm to wane… Read more >

Want to know the one quick way you can save resources and reduce plastic waste today?

Have you been keeping up with COP26? Climate concerns and environmental issues are often front of mind these days. But the headlines over the last week have brought the challenges even more into focus. This week, delegates from all over the world came together to discuss emissions reductions targets that align with reaching net zero… Read more >

Treat your loved one to a special gift that’s useful and helps the environment!

With all the Christmas adverts on TV at the moment, you’d be forgiven for thinking the gift-giving tradition was started by John Lewis, M&S or another high street retailer. But what’s the real story behind the custom? For Christians, gift-giving is a tribute to the Three Wise Men’s gifts to baby Jesus. In the New… Read more >

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