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Ditch the Bottle, Embrace the BIBO: Your Health and the Planet Will Thank You

Bottled water fans, brace yourselves! A recent study has shattered the illusion of bottled water as a healthy hydration hero. Those convenient plastic bottles might harbour a shocking secret: up to 100 times more microplastics than previously thought!   Did you know the average person in the U.K. uses over 150 plastic water bottles yearly?… Read more >

World water day
Future Trends in Sustainable Water Solutions

The world is currently feeling particularly fragile in the context of water sustainability. With many countries across the globe coming to grips with water scarcity and increasing levels of pollution everywhere, water management has grown from being a day-to-day necessity to an urgent priority worldwide. BIBO Water can offer a sustainable water solution that not… Read more >

Why you need to stop drinking bottled water
Why you need to stop drinking bottled water

In a world where our climate is constantly battling the impact of human waste and pollution, resorting to plastic bottles of water needs to stop. We just can’t justify single-use plastic bottles anymore when there are so many brilliant alternatives out there for us to take advantage of. So much plastic ends up in our… Read more >

reduce your plastic waste
How to reduce your plastic waste in 7 easy steps

Want to reduce your plastic waste? Eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year – just let that sink in for a second. Thanks to the likes of Greta Thunberg and the legend that is David Attenborough, we’ve all seen the headlines about the environmental impact that single-use plastic has on… Read more >

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