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Category: Lifestyle

Boost your sport’s hydration with BIBO

Prehydrate, rehydrate, drink ahead of thirst: the information in the media on how best to drink whilst exercising is confusing at best. We’re often told that thirst is a sign that the body is already dehydrated, making us doubt our judgement when it comes our own body, and that water isn’t a good enough solution:… Read more >

Why the BIBO is just your cup of tea!

  Us Brits drink 165 million cups of tea a day! That’s enough tea to fill Wembley Stadium four times a year! With National Tea Day approaching on the 21st April, our national obsession has never been more topical! But do you know how to brew the perfect cup? Complicated rituals abound and the debate… Read more >

Saving the world from Bottled Water!

Plastic Pollution – What are the Facts? Building on our previous blog The Plastic Problem it’s time, once again, to talk about plastic. In September this year the Guardian released a groundbreaking report on the extent of plastic pollution in rivers, groundwater, oceans and even in air. According to one study 8.3 billion tonnes of… Read more >

Water shooting skywards
Bathe Yourself Well Into 2017 – Part 2!

Why bathing in waters heated & packed with minerals is so good for us   At BIBO we love all things H2O! That’s why we decided to kick off 2017 with a series of three blogs that explore natural thermal springs. This is the second in this series. We look at why bathing in waters… Read more >

Natural hot springs
Bathe Yourself Well Into 2017

Health-Giving Thermal Springs in the UK & France The next three blogs will kick start your new year by offering some insights into the hugely restorative activity of bathing in natural thermal spring water. Read on for tips on where to find the best thermal baths in the UK and further afield. Thermal bathing and… Read more >

Different types of loose leaf tea
BIBO joins the British Tea Revolution

Tea is making a comeback, and you don’t need to take our word for it. Blogs such as Tea for me Please and lifestyle columns including the Telegraph and the Guardian are just bursting with enthusiasm for the humble hot drink. BIBO has long been right on the button with the tea revolution. Back in… Read more >

Sugar cubes

THE UK’S NEW TAX ON SUGARY DRINKS – A SMALL STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION Jamie Oliver wasn’t the only one smiling last month when Chancellor George Osborne announced that Britain was to be one of the first countries in the world to introduce a ‘sugar tax’ on the companies that produce sugary drinks such… Read more >

BIBO filtered water system
The Plastic Problem

It’s time to talk about plastic. According to the World Economic Forum, ’there will be more plastic than fish in terms of weight in the world’s oceans by 2050’  Plastic pollution in oceans causes at least one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals to die each year, as well as carrying invasive species… Read more >

Buy BIBO now - home and office filtered water dispenser
Introducing our latest filtered, instant hot & cold water dispenser. BIBO Classic 2016!

We are delighted to introduce our 2016 BIBO Classic model, the latest addition to the BIBO family. This great looking development of our most popular model still simply connects to your home water supply and will filter your water using our MAXI multi-stage filtration system. Your BIBO water dispenser offers you instant filtered chilled and… Read more >

Washing lettuce
Gourmet cooking with filtered water

Let’s start with what your tap water may contain: micro-organisms, heavy metals, chlorine, and the list goes on. The fact that chefs at most fine-dining and gourmet restaurants only use filtered water in their cooking indicates that there must be sound reason behind this decision. So how does cooking with filtered water affect the taste… Read more >


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