Virgin Pure Alternative

The BIBO home or office water dispenser is a compelling alternative to the home water dispenser offered by the Virgin Pure T6/T7.

BIBO’s intuitive colour touch screen interface, modern beautiful design, extra sleep functions and 12 great colour options make it the perfect choice.


What do people really think?

In a head to head review comparing the two home water dispensers Gadgets & Gizmos magazine concluded, “At the end of the day the simpler interface, cheaper consumables and extra toys tip our favour toward the BIBO”.


Unlike Virgin, we offer you the choice for no monthly subscription. Instead, BIBO also offers two convenient ways to buy your annual filter pack; either through the popular and cheaper Filter Pack Delivery Service whereby filters are sent to your door, on time each year, or by simply ordering a pack as you require it from the BIBO online shop. Postage is free for both options.


BIBO customers rave about our friendly and responsive customer service and our professional installation team who are dedicated to getting your BIBO up and running as smoothly as possible, whilst leaving your home, office and kitchen spotless. We set up your BIBO’s timers, cup settings and temperatures for you as part of the installation, and give you a complete demo of BIBO and its features and functions as well.


If you’re looking for boiling and chilled filtered water on demand and are considering the Virgin Pure T6 or T7 machine, why not check out BIBO – we’re a great British company with a passion for customer service (just read our rave reviews). You can own your BIBO and make it the centrepiece in your kitchen.

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A Beautifully elegant, instant boiling, instant chilled, filtered water dispenser
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