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World water day
World Water Week, Stockholm – 2016

The annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991 We’re all worried for many different reasons about the refugee crises that are bringing large numbers of people to Europe and other countries to seek a life away from their war-torn homelands. Alongside war, many people see water, with its many vital uses such… Read more >

Spread The Word About World Water Day

What’s the big day about? When I started researching World Water Day (WWD) for this blog, I thought there must be an error on the UN WWD website where it states that half of all workers on earth, that’s an eye-watering 1.5 billion people, are employed in water-related sectors. With a bit more digging, it… Read more >

BIBO filtered water system
The Plastic Problem

It’s time to talk about plastic. According to the World Economic Forum, ’there will be more plastic than fish in terms of weight in the world’s oceans by 2050’  Plastic pollution in oceans causes at least one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals to die each year, as well as carrying invasive species… Read more >

Water leaves

It’s January, the promised cold spell is finally upon us and we’re back in the supermarket hankering after fresh salad to wash out the grease of pigs in blankets and goose fat. My first supermarket salad pack of 2016 has stuck with me as it boldly claimed to be ‘Washed in Spring Water’, and this got… Read more >

Buy BIBO now - home and office filtered water dispenser
Introducing our latest filtered, instant hot & cold water dispenser. BIBO Classic 2016!

We are delighted to introduce our 2016 BIBO Classic model, the latest addition to the BIBO family. This great looking development of our most popular model still simply connects to your home water supply and will filter your water using our MAXI multi-stage filtration system. Your BIBO water dispenser offers you instant filtered chilled and… Read more >

Say goodbye to bottled water with a BIBO filtered water system
The unsustainable lifecycle of plastic water bottles

Long after you’ve quenched your thirst with that bottle of mineral water, the environment continues to pay for decades to come.  The container’s H20 can last all of five minutes, but the bottle itself sticks around for hundreds of years. In the beginning, there was oil Looking at the lifecycle of plastic water bottles, it… Read more >

Few publications BIBO has been in recently

Here are a few publications BIBO has been in recently… BIBO’s media relations are handled by Bite Communications.

Grey bibo bar home filtered water machine
BIBO Bar launches in the UK

INTRODUCING THE BIBO BAR We are delighted to announce the introduction of the BIBO Classic’s little brother, the BIBO Bar. The BIBO Bar is the newest of our two water dispenser models and offers chilled, ambient and boiling filtered water with straightforward controllability options – it’s a case of simply touching the key to dispense… Read more >

BIBO tops the kettle chart!

BIBO was featured in the Independent’s Top 10 Kettles List for 2013 this week.

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