14 standout reasons BIBO tops on style, function and peace of mind.

An eco-friendly water dispenser that looks good in the kitchen and beats the competition? Yes, please!


Here are fourteen reasons why investing in a Bibo Classic is a no-brainer.


  1. The BIBO Classic comes in 12 colours, from classic black or white to bright red, orange and blue, helping you blend in with your colour scheme or make a statement.
  2. The BIBO Classic replaces your kettle, filter jug and the endless single-use plastic bottles cluttering your fridge, saving you space.
  3. The beautiful design fits perfectly on your worktop with no unsightly cables or plugs.
  4. The BIBO Classic has a super user-friendly, intuitive colour touch panel interface.
  5. The BIBO Classic offers a higher level of micron filtration than comparable products, thanks to its silver-impregnated carbon block micro filter and powerful UV Lamp filtration. This process removes impurities while allowing natural healthy minerals like calcium and potassium to stay!
  6. The BIBO Classic gives you maximum control, with higher and lower temperature settings than comparable products.
  7. Our super convenient Filter Pack Delivery Service ensures you receive filters exactly when you need them each year and save over 20%.
  8. The BIBO Classic helps you do your bit for the environment by reducing your need for plastic bottles. It also reduces your need to run the tap for cold water or boil the kettle from stone cold multiple times daily, cutting down your consumption of precious resources. The BIBO uses 0.6kwh/24 hr vs a kettle which uses 0.9kh/24hr!
  9. The BIBO Classic makes entertaining a cinch; serving up large rounds of tea and coffee is quicker and easier with boiling and ice-cold water on tap. With the festive season almost upon us, it’s a great time to order!
  10. The BIBO Classic’s 30-day money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind.
  11. Not to mention the free two-year warranty
  12. And our commitment to customer care – it’s our company obsession!
  13. With multiple payment options and purchase plans, you can choose to rent or buy your BIBO Classic and spread the cost over 12 months interest free!
  14. Have you heard what our many happy customers have to say? “Love my BIBO. The chilled and filtered cold water has been wonderful during the heatwave. The ‘on tap’ heated water is also fantastic. We wouldn’t be without it now.” Neil Preston. For many more reviews, click here

Ready to take the plunge? To make the Bibo Classic your one-stop water solution, contact our friendly team on 01993 880287 or buy now here!

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