How to get the most out of your hot water dispenser

A hot water dispenser such as BIBO gives you instant, filtered hot water, eliminating the boring wait for the kettle to boil. Many of our elderly customers, as well as those with joint issues, also love BIBO as it eradicates the need to lift, tip and pour a heavy kettle as the hot water machine jumps into action at the push of a button.

But how do you get the most out of your instant hot water dispenser? Team BIBO take a look into the benefits for you, and how you can keep your hydration station in tip-top condition!

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How your hot water dispenser will care for you


  • Hot drinks in an instant 

A BIBO hot water machine dispenses hot filtered water instantly. Make sure to take advantage of the adjustable temperature settings; once you’ve found the perfect heat for you, you can whip up the perfect brew in seconds every time. Like a scorching hot coffee? BIBO dispenses water up to a scolding 98˚C!

  • Get healthier

Hot water machines use filtered water which has so many more health benefits than your average tap water in a kettle. For a start, impurities are filtered out leaving you with only the most nutritious minerals to treat your body with and lead a healthier lifestyle as your energy is boosted and your body is hydrated. Plus, your brews taste nicer with purified water! Want to find out more about the health benefits of drinking water? Read more here.

  • Saves you money and energy

Did you know hot water machines are extremely energy-efficient? The BIBO Classic costs as little as 15p per day to run, and seeing as it can deliver 7 litres of chilled water and 15 litres of hot water per hour you’ll definitely be getting bang for your buck! Plus if you have a BIBO and you’re not using it, the adjustable power on/off setting, as well as a variety of sleep modes, will ensure you’re only paying for the energy you use. Result!


How you can care for your instant hot water dispenser


Just as hot water machines take care of you, you need to repay the favour in order to maintain your dispenser and get the most out of it. Here are our top tips on how to look after your BIBO hot water machine

  • Change your filters

It’s really easy to change your water filters in your hot water machine. With BIBO, your machine will remind you when the time has come! Typically, you will need to change your filter cartridge every 6 months to keep you machine in top condition.

If you purchase our BIBO Classic machine, choose the Filter Pack Delivery Service to receive your filters automatically and save over 20%! Our convenient service ensures you receive your filters exactly when you need them each year and takes away the worry of having to order them yourself. 

  • Clean your water tank

A high proportion of the UK population live in hard water areas. That’s why we recommend regularly cleaning your hot tank to protect your BIBO from symptoms of limescale.

Symptoms to look out for are:

  • Hot water dispenses more slowly
  • The hot tank will continue to dispense briefly after you touch the key to stop
  • The rear section of your drip tray will slowly fill from the hot tank overflow each time the tank re-heats
  • Excessive dripping from the dispense nozzles whilst heating

We recommend descaling your hot tank every 6 months to maintain optimum performance, even if your BIBO isn’t presenting any of the symptoms above. This helps prevent limescale build-ups which may cause your BIBO harm in the future and none of us want to return to the doom days of the dreaded kettle!

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