How To Craft The Most Innovative Water Dispensers

In the modern world, particularly in the UK, water dispensers play an increasingly important role in helping households maintain a steady supply of cold, filtered water.

Many people imagine a water dispenser to be either a filter jug which can be cumbersome and not very aesthetically pleasing, or, on the flip side a built-in dispenser in your fridge. Whilst the fridge option is a good choice for many, depending on where you live, you can have issues with hard water and will likely need to resort to a filter to prevent limescale buildup in the pipes of your fridge.

BIBO offers a different solution with a sleek water dispenser design, it sits on the countertop, filtering and dispensing cold, mains-supplied water at the touch of a button. This article will delve into the world of water dispenser design, functionality, and benefits, offering modern solutions for healthy and efficient living.

Exploring Water Dispenser Design and Functionality

The kitchen is the heart of the home and any new product that you purchase should fit your aesthetic completely without losing its practical usage. Water dispensers should adhere to these principles, marrying style and functionality. This is exactly the approach that BIBO takes when designing its innovative water dispensers. With products that are sleek and contemporary, there are 12 colours to choose from, so it will always suit your kitchen, making it a perfect fit for your home.

Small Water Dispenser: Compact Solutions for Modern Living

Apartment living and smaller, more compact housing are increasing in popularity. Modern living spaces are all about the optimisation of space and functionality. BIBO’s small water dispenser shines as an example of the efficiency of space. Clean and compact, BIBO replaces the need for a kettle, filter jug, and plastic bottles kept cold in the fridge, as cold and hot water are available at the touch of a button.

It is the compact and energy-efficient design that can give you the luxury of modern living, whilst being economical on space and energy consumption.

Understanding How Water Dispensers Work

Water dispensers don’t just look pretty, they have a lot of complex processes going on underneath the hood. Indeed, understanding how water dispensers work can ensure that your filter system continues to work well for years to come.

The Mechanics Behind Water Dispensers

BIBO systems are attached to the main water supply. Many people might imagine this would be a problem living in an area of hard water as this type of water often leads to limescale buildup in showers, kettles and pipes. But, BIBO machines have a nifty design that keeps the minerals that cause limescale in suspension, preventing the buildup in its hot water tank. BIBO does not like to add any unnecessary chemicals to your drinking water so we offer a hot tank cleaning kit to help keep it clean.

The precision in the mechanics of water dispensers, such as BIBO’s models improves the quality and taste of your water, leading to a healthier, body and a healthier home.

BIBO plumbed water diagram

Water Technology in Dispensers: Innovation at Your Fingertips

Advanced water technology is at your fingertips with a filtration system that removes impurities and kills the bacteria that can be found in your standard tap water.

BiBO’s system has miniaturised the process that bottled water goes through and made it available for you in a sleek, compact design. In this small water dispenser, your tap water goes through a multi-stage filtration using a silver-infused carbon block filler to remove chlorine, nickel, lead and other harsh chemicals. It then gets treated with UV light to remove any bacteria.

BIBO’s water dispensers are a prime example, incorporating cutting-edge technology to provide users with a stress-free drinking experience.

Benefits of Water Dispensers: Convenience and Accessibility

The convenience of a water dispenser in your home, or even at your workplace is unparalleled. Furthermore, with BIBO you also have the option of hot 98°C water, ready for that perfect cup of tea or coffee.

Access to a cold, refreshing glass of water on demand, or a nice hot drink helps with productivity and overall well-being. Access to clean drinking water is highly important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a BIBO water dispenser addresses this fundamental need.

BIBO Is An Environmentally Conscious Choice

Choosing to buy a water dispenser is about opting to be more environmentally conscious – personal convenience is just an added bonus. Filter systems such as BIBO contribute to a healthier planet, promoting eco-friendly practices in the home.

best kettle alternative 2020

Purchasing a water dispenser also reduces your plastic waste and your energy consumption, saving you money. A BIBO Classic model uses 25% less energy per day than a kettle does. Furthermore, the disposable cartridges and UV light filters are fully recyclable in the UK.

Your choice matters

Your choice to purchase a BIBO water dispenser does not need to be difficult. The filter systems sit on your countertop, attached to your mains water supply and are small, compact and sleek enough to fit any kitchen. Their functionality is fully customisable, allowing you to edit your settings so your perfectly sized glass of water or cup of tea is only a simple button press away.

Overall, choosing BIBO is the sustainable option, with recyclable filters as well as reducing your water, plastic, and energy waste. This is one of the most eco-friendly purchases you can make for your home or your workplace.

To find out more about BIBO click here and start your journey to making more sustainable choices for your future.

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