how to cut costs, benefit the planet & enjoy a cuppa

At a time when every penny counts, the surging cost of energy has everyone searching for smart ways to cut costs. Luckily, there’s a secret weapon that can help you save on energy bills without compromising efficiency or quality – BIBO. This instant hot water dispenser outshines the traditional kettle in energy consumption, convenience, and taste.

Ditch the Kettle:

Did you know a kettle guzzles up to 3kW of power every time it boils water? BIBO operates on a mere 1.5kW, meaning you can bag savings of up to 1.5kW per hour of use, equivalent to around 15p a day. The numbers don’t lie – BIBO is a game-changer for your energy bill!

Let’s dive into exactly how BIBO can help slash your energy costs:

  1. Precision Hot Water Dispensing: BIBO only serves up the precise amount of hot water you need, eliminating the wasteful practice of boiling a kettle full of water. Say goodbye to excess energy consumption!
  2. Energy-Saving Modes: BIBO takes efficiency to the next level with its clever energy-saving modes, which can reduce its power usage by up to 80%.
  3. Multi-Purpose Functionality: Alongside dispensing hot water for drinks, BIBO can also heat water for cooking. This versatility brings even more energy savings as you cut down on using the stove or microwave.

Cost-Saving News:

BIBO doesn’t just save you energy in the long run; it also costs less than half the price of other hot tap brands like Quooker, Zip, or Insinkerator, while offering superior functionality. Win-win!

Environmental Benefits:

The benefits of BIBO extend beyond your savings account. You’re also reducing your carbon footprint by choosing BIBO’s energy-efficient technology—every drop counts in the fight against climate change.


So, if you’re keen to see your energy bills shrink while feeling good about BIBO’s convenience and environmental benefits, visit our website today or contact us to learn more. Call our friendly team on 01993 880287 or buy now here!

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