How to show your water some love for Earth Day 2023

As we approach Earth Day 2023 on the 22nd of April 2023, many of us are looking for ways to positively impact the environment. One often-overlooked aspect of sustainability is our water consumption. It’s easy to take clean water for granted in the Western world. But in reality, our supply is not infinite, and it’s not immune to pollution and contamination.

It’s about time we started making the most of our water and treating it with the respect it deserves. Many conscious consumers are doing this by investing in a BIBO.

Reduce Waste

One of the most significant environmental benefits of using a BIBO is reducing plastic waste. Many people buy bottled water because they believe it is a cleaner and safer alternative to tap water. However, the plastic bottles used to package water contribute to our growing plastic pollution problem. Green consumers can eliminate the need for bottled water and significantly reduce plastic waste by investing in a BIBO.

It’s good to know that BIBO parts are also recyclable; the Maxi Filter and the UV Lamp are fully recyclable – just pop them in your regular household recycling when you’re done.
The BIBO also saves energy: it’s super efficient, costing as little as 15p/day. That’s 25% cheaper than a kettle! Using less energy is kinder to the environment as well as your pocket.

BIBO also discourages water wastage. How often have you boiled more water than you need in the kettle? With BIBO, you only pour the water you use. And because BIBO provides water at ideal hot and cold temperatures, there’s no need to boil the kettle multiple times daily or run the tap until cold.

Treat water with the respect it deserves.

It’s a well-known fact that plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water they carry. And the quality of bottled water isn’t guaranteed. In fact, in the past, drinks giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi have both been caught trying to launch bottled water brands that were just repurposed tap water! Meanwhile, tap water contains traces of chlorine, limescale, fluoride, and lead. No wonder it tastes so bad and is hard to appreciate. It’s about time we started showing our water some love! Making the most of our water means we’re less likely to waste it.

Only the best with BIBO! 

With multi-stage filtration, including a silver-impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV filtration, BIBO removes the bad stuff from your water but keeps the essential natural minerals – along with their character and health-giving properties.

Even better, because BIBO provides water at ideal temperatures, users are more likely to savour their perfectly-served drinks instead of chucking them down the sink.

Investing in BIBO is an excellent way for green consumers to reduce waste, practise conscious consumption and appreciate water at its best. So, why not say hello to a BIBO this Earth Day? Shop here now!

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