The ultimate heatwave hack that will keep you cool this summer and beyond!

Dehydration is a common side effect of hot weather, especially during temperatures like those felt during the record heatwaves of July and August. Unfortunately, even mild dehydration is terrible news for the body’s cooling mechanisms. When the amount of blood circulating decreases, the body diverts blood to the muscles rather than the skin’s surface. As a result, the body struggles to radiate heat from the skin. Dehydration also decreases sweating because less fluid is available to the sweat glands. While sweating causes water loss, it is essential for keeping us cool.

So are you drinking enough to stay cool? Chances are, most of us are not. Professor Bhaskar Somani – a Professor of Urology and a Consultant Urological Surgeon at the University Hospital Southampton – believes the UK requires a “radical culture change” regarding our water habits. He recommends that “three litres of water a day is a small price to pay to help maintain and improve your health, particularly during heatwave spells.” Read more here.

But staying hydrated with tap water isn’t easy, especially considering you may detect a stronger-than-usual scent of chlorine during a heatwave. SES Water recently tweeted: “Chlorine may be more noticeable when water travels quicker between the treatment works and your property due to increased demand.”

Tap water temperature can also be unpalatable at this time of year, sometimes reaching 20 degrees due to the network of pipes it must travel through.

Luckily the BIBO Classic solves both these problems, making it easier to stay cool and hydrated during a heatwave. BIBOs programmable intuitive touchscreen temperature control ensures instant cold water at the touch of a button. Set it to a refreshing 4 degrees on hot days, or up to 16 degrees if you prefer. With UK summers getting hotter yearly, it’s reassuring to know a glass of cold water is always at hand.

With its multi-stage filtration, including a silver impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV filtration, the BIBO Classic also removes chlorine, microplastics, herbicides, insecticides, micro-organisms, and bacteria, leaving your water tasting pure and delicious.

All this with the added feel-good factor of knowing that using BIBO can help you be kinder to the environment. No more running the tap for ages, wasting water while you wait for it to get cold. No more endless disposable water bottles adding to plastic pollution.

And there’s no need to worry about BIBO contributing to rising fuel bills. When you’re not using your machine, there is an adjustable power on/off setting and various sleep modes to ensure you’re only paying for the energy you use. Nifty, huh?

With weather forecasters predicting a scorching Indian Summer at the end of August, why not contact our lovely team today? Or shop here!

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