Top ways to stay hydrated

Up to 60% of your body is made up of H2O – so it’s no surprise that we need to keep this in constant supply if we want to stay hydrated, ship-shape and shiny! Water is the most important thing for our bodies as it keeps all of our organs in working order. For instance, our brains and hearts are composed of a massive 73% water – that’s nearly three quarters! As for other organs, the lungs are about 83% water; our skin, the largest organ, contains 64% water; muscles and kidneys are 79%. You wouldn’t think so at first, but even bones need a lot of water – 31% to be precise.

When you feel dehydrated, your body will send alarm bells ringing until you are properly rehydrated. Some key signs that show your body is suffering from the lack of water include dry skin, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, migraines and, obviously, needing the loo less than usual. On the flip side, there are countless health benefits of drinking water, so it’s time to be kind to your body and mind and hydrate your sweet self.


Top ways to stay hydrated


How to stay hydrated


Always keep your glass half full

The bottom line is that water in good amounts will forever remain the undisputed champion of hydration. There are many different ways to make sure you are drinking more water such as investing in an eco-friendly water bottle and setting alarms throughout the day to remind you to sip on that H2O! Better yet, a fabulous BIBO machine can provide you with unfettered access to delicious filtered water at the touch of the button to fit around your lifestyle.

Customisable to your ideal temperatures, both hot and cold, BIBO is your ultimate hydration companion from that quick refreshing glass of ice-cold water to your perfect cup of steaming hot tea.

Whilst water remains top dog when it comes to keeping you hydrated, there are also plenty of other ways of ensuring that your body gets the fluids it needs.


For the caffeine queens

For those of you who can’t survive without a warm cuppa in the morning, coffee and tea can be an energising alternative to water in the right amounts. However, coffee and tea can also be dehydrating so take heed!

You may well think that more fluid going into your body translates into consistant hydration, but coffee and tea can act as diuretics due to the amount of caffeine they contain. So, if you’re having more than 300mg of caffeine per day (in other words, two cups of coffee) – be tough on yourself and cut down, or make sure to drink an extra glass of water between every brew to ensure you’re not cheating your body out of the hydration it needs.


Milk, glorious milk

Try adding a low-fat or almond milk to your hot beverage, morning cereal or post-workout smoothie. All of that milky goodness can actually help you hydrate yourself as it contains lots of electrolytes, which are fabulous for balancing and restoring the level of water in your body.

The benefits don’t stop there either. Milk is great for its strong and fearsome proteins that help to get your muscles working like new after intense periods of exercise, helping to ensure the oxygen flow around your body is constant and in fully supply.


Let’s not forget the foodies

It’s easy to just think of liquids when we talk about staying hydrated but let’s not skip over the fact that fruit and veg can be a great source of water. It’s no surprise that your mum always told you to eat your five-a-day as a whippersnapper – fruit and veggies are just so good for you and some can comprise of 80-99% water! The high-water content, particularly in fruits, means that you can kill two birds with one stone and have a yummy snack whilst also balancing those water levels. Eating more berries, oranges, grapes, carrots, melons, and even more lettuce, cucumber or cabbage can help you stay hydrated.


How can BIBO help me stay hydrated?


Want to find out more about how BIBO can help you to drink more water? Get in touch with our expert team to find out more about our range! We’re more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.



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