Treat your loved one to a special gift that’s useful and helps the environment!

With all the Christmas adverts on TV at the moment, you’d be forgiven for thinking the gift-giving tradition was started by John Lewis, M&S or another high street retailer. But what’s the real story behind the custom?

For Christians, gift-giving is a tribute to the Three Wise Men’s gifts to baby Jesus. In the New Testament, the Magi honour the newborn with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But believe it or not, gift-giving at this time of year dates back even further than the birth of Jesus.

Pagans in Europe and the Middle East gave presents at several winter festivals, including Saturnalia, the wild Roman festival dedicated to Saturn, the god of agriculture. During this week-long holiday, pagans would feast, drink, play games and exchange presents. Common gifts included pottery figurines, tasty treats, and festive candles, all presented with a jolly “Io Saturnalia!” – the ancient Roman equivalent of “Merry Christmas!”

So, whether you’re religious or not, there’s plenty of reasons to exchange gifts with your Christmas greeting this year. And with this Christmas promising to be extra special after last year’s cancellation, perhaps you’re feeling even more generous than usual. So why not treat your loved ones to a special gift with a brand new BIBO?

The BIBO classic is a stylish countertop water dispenser that provides on-demand boiling and chilled filtered water. The adjustable temperature settings make it easy to serve the perfect drink in seconds. Piping hot coffee a must? BIBO dispenses water up to a scorching 98˚C. Or perhaps ice-cold water is called for? BIBO cools H20 to a temperature as low as 4˚C.

Plus, the multi-stage filtration, including a silver impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV, means BIBO removes the bad stuff, leaving only the health-giving natural minerals. A gift that gives in more ways than one!

Meanwhile, the BIBO Fizz makes sparkling water in seconds. Simply fill a bottle with filtered water or tap water, attach it to the Fizz and press the button. It really is the best-value sparkling water dispenser on the market. Throw in some natural flavourings and get the kids excited, too, with no worries about sugar overload from shop-bought soft drinks.

It is also comforting to know giving a BIBO is a gift to the environment too. BIBO is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient by cutting down on single-use plastic water bottles and boiling the kettle from cold.

Sold? Why not treat yourself too? If you’re entertaining a crowd this Christmas, imagine how much easier it would be to have instant hot, chilled or fizzy water at the touch of a button. So what are you waiting for? Give a gift fit for a king or queen today with a BIBO.

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