What are the best drinking water apps?

In today’s modern times, there’s an app for just about everything. Need to know the best time to take a loo break during a film? There’s an app for that. Maybe you fancy a cuddle in your local area? There’s an app for that, too (although definitely not Covid recommended so cuddle your pillow instead). There’s even an app of nothing, called Nothing, which does… you guessed it, absolutely nothing.

If you’ve found yourself reading this blog, however, you’re in the market for drinking water apps and we’ve got some good news – there are loads! To save you stumbling down an app store rabbit hole, we’ve put together a go-to list of our favourite hydration apps. These clever creations are the best in the business at getting you to drink more water, so get downloading!


best app for drinking water


Best apps for drinking water


Plant Nanny

We love Plant Nanny because it takes hydration reminders to a new level. If you’re someone who snoozes the alarm or brushes aside notifications like no tomorrow, then this is the app for you. Plant Nanny is built around a cute little plant that has to be watered at certain points during the day – reminding you at the same time to hydrate along with your pretty plant friend. Everyone’s a winner!  



If you’re into your stats, WaterMinder could be the tech-focused water-drinking motivator you never knew you needed! This hydration-championing app can be tailored to your personal needs, taking into account your weight or goals to calculate the right amount of drinking water for you. WaterMinder is also really simple to use, can be easily used to track your hydration history, and offers achievement badges as motivation. Five gold stars to you!



For those who like a challenge in their day to day, Aqualert could be the best app for drinking water for you. Designed to give you simple and accessible information, Aqualert really helps to break down your daily water intake goals and understand what your body needs. Aqualert also lets you run hydration contests with your colleagues so, if you like a bit of competition, get your fellow employees to join you in developing better water drinking habits! 


Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud isn’t just a daily water tracker – it’s a self-care app designed to bring a bit more zen to your quest for hydration. Notifications are used as gentle reminders to keep us on top of our mental wellbeing and physical hydration and are programmed to suit your schedule. Aloe Bud can help if you need someone in your corner to help make time to breathe, move, drink more water or even just take a break. In Aloe Bud’s own words: “You’ve got to nourish to flourish.”


Daily Water – Drink Reminder

The Daily Water app does exactly what it says on the tin. With a neat visual of glasses filling up, Daily Water is an easy way to ensure you are reminded to keep drinking water every day. Simple to use, this app is perfect for anyone who just needs a low maintenance, little helping hand towards better hydration. 

Whether you need a gentle nudge or a high level of motivation to get you drinking more water, there’s a hydration app out there for you. Remember: our bodies are made up of 60% water and if you know you’re not getting enough of the good stuff, then one of our favourite apps could be what you need to top up and stay hydrated. 


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