What type of gift giver are you?

Some say giving is better than receiving, but gift vouchers are a letdown for everyone. Jussaying. Much better to buy the gift you really want to give this Christmas. But what type of gift giver are you?


The eco-warrior

You’re dreaming of a green Christmas with every Christmas card you write. (On recycled paper, obvs.) You’ve sourced a sustainable Christmas tree and solar-powered fairy lights, but when it comes to Christmas shopping, you need help. To gift or not to gift? The crazed consumerism of Black Friday left you cold, but it’s hard to wrap fresh air.

How to cope: Have a conscious celebration with a gift your recipient and the planet will love. The BIBO Classic helps your loved one cut down on single-use plastic bottles and with no need to run the tap for cold water or boil the kettle from cold, it also reduces energy consumption. (The BIBO uses 0.6kwh/24 hr vs a kettle which uses 0.9kh/24hr!) But, the best bit about gifting a BIBO? The family will be in no doubt about how right-on you truly are.

The minimalist

You yearn to streamline Christmas, ditching the excess and over-indulgence that spoil simple pleasures. Christmas dust-catchers, clutter and novelties are the stuff of nightmares: this year, you’re determined to channel Marie Kondo and free the feng shui simultaneously.

How to cope: clear their counters of cables and kettles. Rid their bin of recycling. Free their fridge of water bottles and filter jugs – with a BIBO Classic. This all-in-one water dispenser replaces kettles, filter jugs and bottled water while taking up very little space in the kitchen. Compact, cute, and stylish, it’s designed to fit neatly on worktops. And with 12 colour options, it has ‘sparked joy’ with the likes of the National Trust and Whole Foods Market, so your giftee will be in good company.

The wellness guru

Eat, drink and be merry? Just half a glass for you, and hold the pigs in blankets, please. Those things are dripping in nitrates. Or is it nitrites? Whatever, there’s no need to compromise your clean living when it comes to Christmas gift giving.

How to cope: Give the gift of hydration, healthier skin, increased nutrient absorption, detoxification and better digestion this year. With BIBO’s multi-stage filtration system, your recipient can remove chemicals and contaminants from their water while benefiting from its natural health-giving minerals. Their immune system will thank you, trust us.

The gadget geek

When it comes to tech, you’re always ahead of the curve. It’s all about gadgets and gizmos that make the mundane fun, up productivity and look cool. Yes, you love Christmas traditions, but you can’t resist adding a futurist twist when it comes to gifting.

How to cope: enter the BIBO Classic. Talk tech with BIBO’s higher micron filtration levels and competition-beating temperature settings. Then geek out over programmable features such as power-saving modes, dispense, and volume presets and the super user-friendly, intuitive colour touch panel interface.

There’s a BIBO for every gift giver. So give a gift you’re proud of this year. Contact our friendly team on 01993 880287 or buy now here!

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