Why the BIBO is just your cup of tea!


Us Brits drink 165 million cups of tea a day! That’s enough tea to fill Wembley Stadium four times a year! With National Tea Day approaching on the 21st April, our national obsession has never been more topical!

But do you know how to brew the perfect cup? Complicated rituals abound and the debate over milk-in-first/ milk-in-last remains controversial but there’s one thing all tea experts agree on; no matter what tea you chose, filtered water is best.

That settled, another consideration is the temperature of water. Did you know Green, Black and White teas all benefit from different levels of heat?

Green and White Tea is best brewed with water well below boiling point. This prevents the delicate leaves from being scalded and becoming bitter. Anything between 65 and 82 degrees is fine, but if you’re a real stickler, 71 degrees is the real sweet spot.

Black and oolong teas do best in water around 92 degrees. This energises the leaves and extracts the most character.

For herbal infusions, water just off boiling point is perfect, whilst chamomile benefits from water heated to around 90 degrees.

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be; the BIBO Classic water dispenser delivers filtered water at any temperature you choose, at the touch of a button. The BIBO also retains all the minerals in your water (that’s the good stuff) whilst filtering out contaminants for a purer cup. Plus the BIBO is environmentally-friendly and energy efficient, saving you time and money! And if you fancy a glass of water between cuppas, the BIBO delivers cold water too.

For more information: call our team on 01993 880287 or visit bibowater.co.uk

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