Best kettle alternative 2020 – and that’s the tea

Easier to use, a lot nicer to look at, and instant – hot and cold water dispensers are the best kettle alternative. See our top reasons why you need a BIBO in your life below.


best kettle alternative 2020


Kettles are so last year. Our busy 21st century lives can’t afford the hassle of finger-tapping the counter for 7 minutes whilst we wait for our brews to boil. We need instant hot and cold water, energy efficiency, and ease: enter the BIBO. Whether you need that piping hot coffee to go in the morning or an ice-cold glass of H2O once you get in from the run you’ve been putting off during lockdown, there are so many reasons why a water machine would come in handy at home. 

But now that you’ve seen the light, how do you know which product is perfect for you? Read on to find out why we are the best alternative to kettles this side of the water dispenser market.

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Why BIBO is the best kettle alternative


One touch is all it takes

Touch the button for instant water – it’s as simple as that. But what’s more, and what sets us apart from other water dispensers out there, is that by using our intuitive touchscreen display, you can ensure your brew is poured at the perfect temperature every time. BIBO dispenses water up to a scorching 98˚C, as low as an icy 4˚C and every preference in-between.


Eco-friendly and energy efficient 

The Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have estimated that if every person in the UK only boiled the water they need – rather than filling the kettle – the UK would save 1.27 billion kWh of electricity. Want to save the world and your bills from excess energy use? We’ve got you covered.

As well as boiling and chilling to exact desired temperatures, BIBO also only dispenses the exact amount of water you need, saving you both time and money and saving the environment from unnecessary energy usage. Plus, when you’re not using your machine, there is an adjustable power on/off setting as well as a variety of sleep modes to ensure you’re only paying for the energy you use. Nifty, huh? 


It’s easy to use and kind to your joints

For many sufferers of chronic pain or arthritis, lifting heavy kettles to achieve the perfect pour is an uncomfortable experience to say the least – and that doesn’t even take into the account the fact you have the fill and carry them too. BIBO is the perfect kettle alternative in this respect and completely solves this painful problem. Your dispenser is plumbed into your supply so you’ll never have to bear the weight of filling a kettle again, and the water machine’s vertical spout means there is no need for lifting and pouring. All you need to do is push the button.

Additionally, unlike many other hot water dispensers such as the Virgin Pure T6/T7 model, the BIBO’s intuitive colour touchscreen interface and control panel make it a doddle to use. 


Health boosting and delicious

The BIBO water dispenser uses multi-stage filtration including a silver impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV filtration to remove the bad stuff from your water but keep the natural essential minerals that are good for you! The health benefits are endless: from skin hydration to nutrient absorption, detoxification and digestion. 

Our filtration system also ensures the H2O you drink is downright delicious; fresher and purer, your BIBO removes all the chlorine and bacteria that can make tap water taste flat, tasteless, or even metallic. Think you make a good cuppa now? You just wait – you’ll be shocked by how much our filtration will elevate your brew making skills.


Join the water dispenser revolution

Looking for the best kettle alternative? BIBO is the answer you’ve been searching for. If you have any further questions for our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 




best kettle alternative 2020


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