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Category: BIBO’s Top Tips

Arm yourself with natural remedies for the flu season

According to the NHS, colds and flu affect over 15 million people in the UK each year and the flu season of 2010 / 2011 saw pandemic levels of confirmed influenza infections.  Over the years numerous tonics to increase our defences against cold and flu have been tried and tested. With the help of BIBO… Read more >

Christmas BIBO
Tis the season to stay hydrated

Stuck for the perfect present this year? Save time & get healthier with a BIBO home water dispenser

Hydration top tips from BIBO

The British Dietetic Association recommends that you drink at about two and a half litres of water a day to stay hydrated. We lose up to three to four litres of water every day. Through breathing alone we lose approximately one to two litres. If you do not consume an adequate amount of water you… Read more >

Bottle your own water with BIBO

Bottled water is becoming increasingly difficult to justify. Did you know? • Drinking a bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car one kilometre • Some US towns & cities have already banned sale of bottled water in municipal buildings • One litre of bottled water takes about 3 litres of ordinary… Read more >


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