Discover the best Quooker tap alternative of 2021

You’ve made the brilliant decision to ditch the kettle and search for an alternative solution to your drinking water at home or in the office. Kudos! You may have considered the Quooker tap as your next port of call, but before you take the plunge, why not take a look at BIBO?


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To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a hitlist of the top reasons as to why the BIBO is such a fantastic Quooker alternative below – take a look!

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What makes BIBO such a compelling alternative?


Affordable and cost-effective

BIBO has a touch-screen control panel for ease, as well as sleep functions to help with energy efficiency, meaning not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll be saving money on your energy bills too.

BIBO will save you almost £400 compared to the most affordable Quooker Nordic tap and is even more cost effective when compared to the more expensive Quooker Flex and Quooker Fusion models. For under £500, the BIBO provides a cost-effective and pleasing alternative that sits proudly on your worktop, becoming the perfect addition to your home or office.


Safety-led design

The BIBO can instantly dispense a whole 1.25 litres of boiling or ice-cold water. Sounds great, but what about those little troublemakers in the kitchen who could burn their adventurous little mitts? Don’t fret! Unlike a free-flowing boiling tap such as Quooker, BIBO has a child-lock safety feature meaning all hands, big and little, stay protected and accident-free.


Health benefits

The quality of the water supplied by the BIBO has a plethora of health benefits, helping to boost your energy levels, strengthen your immune system and improve digestion to name just a few things. BIBO ensures filtered, clean water is dispensed every time thanks to its multi-stage filtration system, consisting of a carbon block filter cartridge and UV lamp. The BIBO comes out on top when up against tap water as it removes all the nasty stuff but holds onto the essential minerals in your H2O that taste delicious and are good for your body.


Easy installation and set up

Our professional and chirpy installation team are dedicated to getting your BIBO set up and working without a fuss and without a mess. We’ll help you to set up your BIBO energy and sleep timers, cup size settings and desired temperatures as part of the installation process. What’s more, our friendly team will give you a comprehensive demo of your new BIBO and its unbeatable features and functions, so you’ll be well on your way to BIBO bliss in no time.


Simple buying options

Whether you want to buy your BIBO outright, rent it or spread the cost, we have the perfect buying solution to accommodate your needs. Plus, your BIBO comes with a standard two-year warranty with the option to extend it for a further two years. Contact our helpful team to discuss your options here.


Stunning design

Not only is the BIBO water dispenser an affordable Quooker tap alternative, it’s stylish too! Our classic model has a modern, fresh and ergonomic design, available in 12 gorgeous colours to ensure it sits right at home in your space. It’s also a fantastic space-saving solution: say goodbye to the clutter of kettles, cables and water jugs taking up your workspace. The BIBO Classic is a kettle, filter, and iced water jug wrapped up in one tidy little machine.

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What do our customers say?


Customer care is our number one priority and our users love their BIBO drinking companions and our friendly and responsive customer service – you can read lots of reviews here. In the meantime, here’s a select few below that’ll have you thirsty for more!


“We have just ordered our 4th BIBO Classic for our company as they are straight forward to use and maintain. Any issues, the customer service team are always able to assist. The price is competitive to other products out there and the delivery is quick.”

    • Mr Clarke, London


“As a family we were buying a lot of bottled water and filling the fridge with them which made us turn to this after a search on Google. Cold water set to 4 degrees, hot set to 98 degrees and we were off. This really has encouraged us all to drink more water [and the] standby option is great for saving energy… We nearly went for another well-known brand, but so glad we chose this one!”

    • Mr George, Oxfordshire


“We’ve been looking for an ethical & sustainable product for a while, so glad we found BIBO! Works perfectly and looks great.”

    • Ms Geeson, London


Bag yourself a BIBO and revolutionise your drinking water


If you’re looking for instant boiling and chilled filtered water and are considering the Quooker tap, why not check out BIBO. Get in touch with us to discuss your options or secure your BIBO today!



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