Drink more water at home: BIBO’s top tips and tricks

Most of us will probably admit we need to drink more water at home. Whether you’re running around after the kids or have a Netflix series to binge, drinking water quickly drops down the priority list and it’s easy to forget how important it is to stay hydrated. From healthy glowing skin to aiding digestion and turbocharging your energy levels, the benefits of drinking water are endless – after all, we’re 60% water ourselves!

So how do you remember to drink more water every day? We’ve put together a hotlist of our favourite hacks that’ll have you hydrated in no time.

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Easy ways to drink more water


Download an app

Call it lazy, call it tech-crazy, call it whatever you like; there’s an app for everything these days and you best believe there is a whole host of them that remind you to drink water. One of our favourites is Plant Nanny as it’s such a fun and engaging way to stay hydrated. Not only does the app help you to keep track of what you drink but there are serious consequences if you skip a sip as every time you water yourself, you water your app’s plants too! Forget to hydrate and you risk the health of your thriving little flower babies – imagine self-care Tamagotchi and you’re pretty close.

Fancy something a little more technical? Drink Water Reminder is super tailored to your lifestyle, taking into account your age, activity level, and even what kind of climate you live in. You can easily tell the app how often you want to drink water as well as your average waking and sleeping hours to customise your reminders around your lifestyle. 


Invest in a reusable bottle

Investing in a reusable water bottle to have by your side throughout the day is a great way to ensure you’re staying hydrated and alert. Not only will you not have to venture to the kitchen every time you want a drink, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favour too as you’ll never need to buy a plastic bottle when you’re out and about again! Keeping a water bottle handy can also serve as a visual reminder to drink more water day to day. When you see the bottle on your desk when you’re working from home or next to you on the sofa when you’re catching up on your latest boxset, you’ll automatically be reminded to drink more – result.


Drink a glass of water before every meal

A simple way to up your water intake is to make sure you drink a glass of water before every meal. If you make a routine out of drinking a pint of the good stuff before breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day that’s already three more cups than usual – it’s elementary my dear Watson!

Plus, sometimes our bodies can mistake feelings of thirst for hunger so if you’re looking to get a little healthier, drinking water before eating is a great way to aid digestion as well as assess how hungry you actually are before mealtime. 


Flavour your water

Want to jazz things up a little? Why not add some natural flavours to your water using herbs, berries and veggies to keep things interesting. Popular combinations include cucumber, lemon and lime, and raspberries but feel free to get creative with your favourite flavours from your store cupboard. Think about it, you won’t have to remind yourself to drink more water if it’s so delicious now, will you! Moreover, fruit infusions are a fantastic and tasty way to gift your body with more nutrients.

Need some inspo and fancy a little fizz in your sip? We’ve been experimenting in the taste lab with our BIBO Fizz machine, adding bubbles to all types of flavours to discover the best summer combinations. Check out our creative sparkling water recipes and hydrate in style. 


Make it a ritual

Your body is a temple and it deserves to be treated as such! Build having a glass of water into your morning routine; we all wake up feeling dehydrated so do yourself a favour and keep a glass of water next to your bed. We can guarantee you’ll be feeling much perkier and more alert as soon as you start drinking more water before the daily grind starts. 

Top BIBO tip: we set our morning alarm with the title ‘DRINK WATER’ for a cheeky reminder first thing.


drink more water at home


Want to find out more about how BIBO can help you to drink more water? Get in touch with our expert team to find out more about our range! We’re more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.




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