How to easily carry water on a run

Health gurus Bupa estimate that you can lose as much as a litre or two of water per hour when exercising, so ensuring you are well watered on the move is incredibly important. But how can you keep hydrated when you are literally in action and on the move? We’ve been scratching our heads to think of the best ways of transporting water when it’s time to put on those running shoes and hit the road – here are our key takeaways about how to easily carry water on a run.


how to carry water on a run


Hydrate before you go

It’s always tempting to get out the front door and hit your stride before you have a chance to convince yourself to swap that morning jog for a nice cuppa on the sofa – but ensuring your fluid levels are suitably topped up is an absolute must before you set off! That’s where your trusty BIBO Classic comes to the rescue, providing you with instant filtered water at the perfect temperature, set by you. Whether you are pounding the pavement early doors or heading out for a late-night power walk, regularly drinking water will make sure your body is hydrated, primed and ready for exercise.


On the run

It might be that when you’re aiming for your PB on a quick weekend run, carrying a water bottle isn’t the most practical – in fact, it can be quite the annoying and cumbersome affair. However, there are plenty of ergonomically shaped water bottles perfectly designed as a running accessory to make your hydration easy and effortless when you’re on the go. Look out for bottles designed with handles that are easily gripped so they can work in harmonious tandem with your natural running arm motion. You can also consider using two small water bottles, so both of your arms are working equally (who needs dumbbells?) or stick to one and regularly rotate (great if you need a distraction on a difficult hill)! Either way, handheld bottles are amazing at fulfilling your hydration needs on those shorter length runs.

If holding a bottle isn’t for you, there are other accessories that make it easy to carry water on a run. If you are heading out on a longer route, then perhaps a running belt is your perfect match. Sitting securely on the waist, a running belt can help store essentials and provide compartments for water bottles with more capacity, helping you hydrate for longer. Running belts can come in all shapes and sizes, and are great for those who like to focus on the run at hand, topping up on fluids when it suits them. Belts can also give you handy storage space for keys, gel packs, or your phone.

For those not convinced by the belt, a running vest could be just the ticket. Working more like a slim-line backpack, running vests can contain thin water packs that sit close to your body with an easily accessible straw or could provide sturdier holsters for water bottles. The real benefit of a running vest is all in the support they provide – if you’re a dedicated long-distance runner, a vest can tend to your hydration needs and distribute weight more effectively across your body than a belt or a handheld bottle.

Remember that there’s no problem mixing and matching between vests, belts, and bottles. Although you could end up looking like the water-wielding terminator if you wore all of them at the same time, your choice of equipment all depends on you, your running style, and the run itself. Take your time, read the reviews, and test them out but know there is a solution out there for everyone!


Rehydrate at home

The final piece of the puzzle is not forgetting to hydrate once you cross the finish line! Dehydration can lead to headaches and muscle cramping, so getting some water on board post-run is vital. Hit the kitchen, and enjoy some fresh, cold, filtered water at the touch of a button with your BIBO Classic, sit back and revel in those endorphins!


carry water on a run


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