Hydration for children!

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water – if only they’d had a BIBO, hey?

Nursery rhymes aside, did you know, children are particularly at risk of becoming dehydrated? Because their bodies are less effective at perspiring and produce more heat during physical activity – which they tend to do more than adults – dehydration can strike more quickly.

Drinking water is the healthiest way to keep hydration levels topped up, as outlined by the NHS. “Water is a healthy and cheap choice for quenching your thirst at any time. It has no calories and contains no sugars that can damage teeth.”


Hydration for children


But getting kids to drink water can be a chore. The NHS Change4Life  has some fun ideas, including these child-friendly hacks:

  • Download a water tracker app. Most kids love technology, and keeping a record of how much water they drink is guilt-free screen time!
  • Dig out the markers and get decorating! Encourage your child to personalise their reusable water bottle so they feel proud to use it. Make sure you keep it topped up and accessible while out and about.
  • Add a splash of flavour and colour with fruit such as frozen berries or chopped apples.

Using a BIBO can also help your whole family stay hydrated. The BIBO Classic makes water and squash taste better thanks to its ultra-sophisticated, multi-stage carbon filtration and UV Lamp purification method. Many customers tell us their kids drink more water now they have the BIBO because it just tastes so good!

“The water is noticeably clearer than my previous filter tap, and the whole family is making full use of it,”  commented Leigh in her recent review.

And don’t worry, BIBO only filters out contaminants, leaving all the good stuff behind. So your family still benefits from all the naturally dissolved calcium, magnesium and potassium picked up by water as it passes through the ground.

With its ability to deliver seven litres of chilled water per hour, BIBO is great for playdates. No more hot thirsty kids! Plus, the instant hot water function is perfect for offering parents a quick cuppa at pick up too.

Hydration for children


Investing in a BIBO also helps you set an excellent example for your children. Greenpeace recently stated that the UK uses around 35 million plastic bottles every day.  One of the best steps you can take to reduce your plastic waste is to stop buying disposable plastic bottles. With BIBO, you need never buy a plastic bottle of water again – trust us, your children will thank you for it!

The BIBO Classic protects little hands from harm: the child lock can only dispense the hot water once a separate ‘unlock’ button has been pressed and held down for 3 seconds. However, older kids can enjoy serving themselves without safety concerns, as noted by Mark in his recent review.

“The unit is very good, instant hot water, cold filtered water and a setting that allows my son to make his own hot chocolate without me worrying that he will burn himself.”

For an extra treat, why not get a BIBO Fizz? This sleek, cable-free countertop accessory to your BIBO Classic lets you make healthy sparkling drinks in seconds. Weaning your kids off sweet shop-bought fizzy drinks couldn’t be easier. Have fun exploring healthier homemade alternatives: they can even create their own flavour combinations!

Whether you want to purchase your BIBO in full, rent it or even spread the cost, we have a range of buying solutions to accommodate your needs. Because, just like Jack and Jill, we believe staying hydrated should be child play.


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