Kitchen design ideas: 6 ways to make your kitchen a sanctuary

Hungry for kitchen design ideas to transform your space? Look no further. As the old adage goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home – so it deserves to be treated and decorated as the sanctuary it is! 

We’ve scoured the web, interior design mags, and the most relevant Insta influencers to find you the latest kitchen trends for 2020. This year seems to be all about strong colours, maximising space, and innovative storage solutions. 


kitchen design ideas


6 kitchen design ideas


1. Showstopper shelving

Long gone are the days of chucking utensils and teatowels behind dull cabinet doors we’re afraid; it’s time to bare all. DIY giants B&Q’s 2020 trends report revealed that Pinterest searches such as ‘statement shelving’ were up 30% at the start of the year, with open shelving and glass-fronted cabinets taking centre stage. Display your Le Creuset with pride people!

showstopper shelving


2. Two-tone tranquility

With the likes of Country Living declaring “Unified cabinetry is a thing of the past”, we’re leaving matchy-matchy one colour kitchens in the last decade: cue two-tone kitchens. The two-tone trend extends beyond just contrasting paint colours on your walls, to cabinets and worktops too – and even beyond paint itself, as you can apply the same logic and experiment with contrasting materials too such as woods and metals. You have a real opportunity to get creative with this trend, creating depth and a much more interesting aesthetic in your kitchen.

two-tone tranquility kitchen


3. Go green 

Not only do houseplants make your home look beautiful, but they can also help purify your air and increase humidity to help keep your heating bills down when the cold months roll around! Plus, studies have shown plants make morale, overall happiness, mood, and productivity skyrocket – four things we could definitely do with more of in our kitchen! 2020 is seeing interior design’s love of nature and everything organic continue; House Beautiful even went as far as to say that house plants help to promote a spacious feel in your kitchen by bringing the outdoors in, whilst also creating ‘nest-like nooks intended for cooking, relaxing and entertaining.’

go green


4. Clutter be gone!

In the spirit of Mary Kondo, thank your once loved but now unused appliances and kick them to the curb. This is 2020 and we’re about decluttering both space and mind! Whether it’s innovative storage solutions, such as the gorgeous use of drawers by interior designer and influencer Janis Nikolay below, or a clear out of utensils you never use to free up some space on your worktop, it’s a great place to start when making your kitchen into the sanctuary it should be. Many of our customers have said goodbye to the clutter of their kettles, separate filters, and other water filtration devices in 2020 and welcomed our ergonomically-designed BIBO machine instead for a less cluttered look in their kitchens. Want to find out more? Read more.


5. Colour pops galore

If you’re a modern-day colour-loving Frida Kahlo, this kitchen design idea is for you. Elle Decor has dubbed 2020 as a time to experiment and get a little risky with your use of colours in the kitchen, as opposed to the magnolia walls of old. Interior design guru Christine Marakatos Lowe told Elle, “A backsplash is the best place to add a pop of color into a kitchen design without having to do a full kitchen renovation. While white kitchens will always be in style, people seem to be taking more risks with color and design these days” – and long may it continue! If you don’t want to touch your walls or backsplash, another great way to incorporate a pop of colour is through bright appliances. Our BIBO Classic for example comes in 12 different colours to complement your space: check them out on our colour selector.

filtered water

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6. Textural treats

Home and interiors magazine The Spruce is all about a more natural, textural feel in 2020, favouring warmer hues that remind people of the great outdoors like blacks, browns, and grays. But why not mix it up a little bit more? The Spruce recommends introducing interesting textures to your kitchen design to put “materials front and center — like the mashup of wood textures paired with brick and subway tiles” for example, to create a much more natural and authentic aesthetic.

Kitchen design ideas


Want to find out more about how BIBO can help you to stay on-trend with kitchen design ideas in 2020? Get in touch with our expert team to find out more about our range! We’re more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.



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