Office life is back – & it’s cosier than ever thanks to BIBO

A study suggests that rising energy prices will drive most office workers back to the workplace this winter. Experts say the change is due to employees weighing up the cost of working from home compared to commuting in the cost of living crisis. As an employer, you’re responsible for the comfort and safety of your employees at work. So while you won’t want to crank up the heating full-blast all winter, you must maintain a reasonable temperature. Guidance suggests a minimum of 16 degrees or 13 degrees if employees are doing physical work.


If this still feels chilly for employees, there are other things you can do to cosy up the space. See off the winter blues by ensuring the office is well-lit. Daylight saving means your employees will arrive and leave the office in the dark during the Winter months. Consider LED lighting to banish gloomy spaces. These lights use less energy and last longer than classic fluorescent lights while closely mimicking the quality of natural light.


Encourage employees to take a full hour at lunch to go for a walk outside. Regular exercise gets the blood pumping, raises the body temperature and improves sluggish circulation – helping to combat cold hands and feet. A break from the computer screen in natural light will also boost productivity in the afternoon.

Provide tea, coffee and hot water facilities in the break room. Gossip around the water filter can feel counterproductive, but connecting with colleagues boosts team morale. Hot drinks also take the edge off colder temperatures. A hot cuppa from a colleague can feel like a hug in a mug!


The Classic BIBO is an excellent investment for the office. It can produce 7 litres of chilled water and 15 litres of hot water per hour for just 15p per day. A small price to pay to keep your team hydrated, caffeinated and feeling looked after! Using a BIBO is 25% cheaper than boiling a kettle multiple times daily. It also features an adjustable power on/off setting and various sleep modes, so your business only pays for the electricity it uses. The BIBO is also a time saver, dispensing instant hot and cold water at the touch of a button – no more lost hours on time-consuming tea runs.


But don’t just take our word for it; these recent testimonials from our loyal commercial clients make a great business case!


‘We have had our BIBOs for four years, and man do they get hammered, we have two one for our customers, and one for my employees. They have never failed, we would recommend to anybody!’


‘So pleased with our BIBO and the excellent service that BIBO provide. We purchased our BIBO 3 years ago and have it installed in our office where it is constantly in use. Even with the heavy use, ours gets it is still working efficiently, and I would thoroughly recommend.’


‘Incomparable product and customer service – I wouldn’t be without my 4 BIBOs.’


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