Top bloggers share five reasons why they love the BIBO Fizz.

We’re feeling fizzy about some great feedback we’ve had on the BIBO Fizz recently! Yes, we already knew our tabletop sparkling water maker was helping fizz fans cut down on plastic bottles and drink more water, but that’s just the beginning, according to these top bloggers.


Easy to use

Making sparkling water with a BIBO Fizz is child’s play, according to Emma from Bubablue & Me. ‘I like that you don’t need electricity to run it. No plugs, cables or unnecessary extra electricity needed,’ she commented.


Even her son (N) finds BIBO Fizz a cinch to use: ‘It’s so easy… N’s decided it’s his job to use it… It’s fun to use. N is already planning to have friends over to play, and make fizzy drinks at their request.’


Rebecca from has also enjoyed seeing her kids get involved. ‘It really was that simple and easy to use, and my children, aged 8 and 10 were fine with it too (supervised, of course).’


Kay Woolley of London Unattached felt the same, commenting, ‘The BIBO Fizz comes with clear instructions on assembly, which is easy to do.’ She also found making sparkling water easy. ‘The BIBO Fizz is easy to use and can produce fizzy water in just a few seconds.’


TOP TIP (box text) Let guests create their own fizzy drinks, suggests top blogger Rebecca. ‘It doesn’t need to be plugged in… you could have it on the drinks table at parties.’


Mouth-watering flavours

Kay had fun adding flavours and ingredients. ‘We experimented with soda syrups to make some delicious drinks. Passionfruit syrup carbonated with water and garnished with a sprig of rosemary from the garden, which was excellent.’


We also like the sound of Rebecca’s idea of adding fruit slices to BIBO sparkling water, or squash, like Kara – so much more economical than expensive sugary syrups.


Healthy living

For Emma, it was all about healthy options.

‘I can’t have the shop-bought flavoured waters I like as they’re full of sugar. But with BIBO Fizz, I can make my own flavoured sparkling water just by adding a squeeze of lime, lemon or orange to give that hint of flavour.’


Kara from Chelsea Mama also welcomed this idea. ‘If you have children, it’s a great way to wean them off sweet shop-bought fizzy drinks. Have fun exploring healthier homemade alternatives: they can even create their own flavour combinations!’


Gadget porn

We’re all for minimalism, but who doesn’t love a pretty gadget? BIBO Fizz is helping sparkling water fans cut down on plastic bottle clutter while looking fantastic on the kitchen counter.


Rebecca fell for the slick design of the BIBO Fizz, commenting, ‘It is tall but slim and doesn’t take up much space. It is pretty light to manoeuvre too, and I think it looks pretty good.’


A kitchen staple

Rebecca is such a convert; BIBO Fizz has become her kitchen staple. ‘We have honestly used this every day since we have had it. It is so quick and easy to whip up a bottle of sparkling water to have with dinner or when you just want something different to drink.’


Kara sums up her BIBO experience perfectly; ‘BIBO Fizz is attractive, convenient, and cost-effective and helps you to reduce your plastic water bottle usage and the kids absolutely love being able to make their favourite drinks fizzy.’


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