Want to know the one quick way you can save resources and reduce plastic waste today?

Have you been keeping up with COP26? Climate concerns and environmental issues are often front of mind these days. But the headlines over the last week have brought the challenges even more into focus.

This week, delegates from all over the world came together to discuss emissions reductions targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century, keeping 1.5 degrees within reach. There was also a focus on how we need to adapt to protect communities and natural habitats.

We all know significant change needs to happen at a country level and among high emitter organisations. Still, as concerned consumers, it can feel empowering to take responsibility for personal actions too. So, if you’re wondering how to do your bit, the clue is in the phrase ‘climate change.’

It’s all about change. Making changes on our terms now could help to reduce potentially devastating changes in future. If everyone pitches in, the combined effect could be significant, ensuring a greener, more resilient future for us all.

The good news is, just by investing in a BIBO, you can make several significant changes that will benefit the environment. Indeed, BIBO can help you reduce water wastage, energy consumption and plastic waste at the push of a button!

Reducing plastic waste

Did you know:

  • The average person in the UK uses over 150 plastic water bottles each year.
  • 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every second.
  • 91% of the world’s plastic bottles are not recycled.
  • It can take up to 300 years for a plastic bottle to fragment, and even after it does, it never entirely disappears.
  • According to environmental scientists, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish.

But with unlimited quantities of filtered water available from BIBO, you never need to buy a disposable plastic water bottle again!

Saving resources

With a BIBO, you can also feel good about wasting less water. With cold water available instantly, there’s no need to run the tap for a cool drink. Likewise, no more wasting energy boiling the kettle from stone cold or boiling more than you need. Instead, with a BIBO, you’ll have hot water at your fingertips.

Changes for you too…

BIBO isn’t just better for the environment; it’s better for you too. Whether opting for a chilled glass of cold water or a hot cup of tea, over 85% of our customers have told us they drink more water since investing in their BIBO.

Maybe that’s because BIBO water tastes so good. Thanks to the multi-stage filtration, including a silver impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV filtration system, BIBO removes the bad stuff from your water while retaining the beneficial natural minerals essential for good health.

What’s more, BIBO is purse-friendly, too: it’s 25% cheaper to run than a kettle and an affordable alternative to expensive under-counter tap systems.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the world leaders: take action on the environment today and give BIBO a try.

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