How to care for your BIBO water machine

Congratulations! You made a fantastic life choice and bagged yourself a BIBO water machine; many happy and healthy hydrated returns to you. 

But how do you keep your brand spanking new water dispenser in tip-top condition we hear your cry? Just as your BIBO will take care of you, you need to take care of your BIBO for long-lasting, quality results – simples! Check out our top tips and helpful resources below.


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Your BIBO: Care and Maintenance Tips


Clean your machine 

Just like your precious self, the BIBO’s body is a temple and needs a good clean once in a while to keep looking its best. Clean your BIBO machine by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth – your drip tray can also be removed and placed in your dishwasher. Soap or any other gentle detergent can also be used if you wish but please don’t use harsh detergents or anything abrasive to clean the body of your BIBO as it will scratch and nobody wants that!

Simply fancy a change in colour? That’s no problem. You can browse and replace your BIBO’s coloured side panels in our Accessories Shop when the time comes!


Change your filters

It’s really easy to change your water filters in your hot water machine. With BIBO, your clever little machine will remind you when the time has come! This will be every 6 months. If you purchase our BIBO Classic machine, choose the Filter Pack Delivery Service to receive your filters automatically and save over 20%! Our convenient service ensures you receive your filters exactly when you need them each year and takes away the worry of having to order them yourself. 

And please remember – our filters are completely recyclable so make sure to pop your old filters in your recycling bin once removed! 

Take a look at this handy guide to changing your BIBO’s filters


Clean your hot water tank

A high proportion of the UK population live in hard water areas. That’s why we recommend regularly cleaning your hot tank to protect your BIBO from symptoms of limescale. Our filters do not remove the minerals that cause limescale but the hot tank has been designed to keep those minerals in suspension so that the elements inside do not become furred. We offer a hot tank cleaning kit to descale your hot tank and we typically recommend you do this every 6 months. We have actively avoided using an anti-scale “dosing” system, unlike our major competitor Virgin Pure, as we don’t believe that adding anti-scale chemicals to the water is the best option for the creation of pure water.


Symptoms to look out for are:

  • Hot water dispenses more slowly
  • The hot tank will continue to dispense briefly after you touch the key to stop
  • The rear section of your drip tray will slowly fill from the hot tank overflow each time the tank re-heats
  • Excessive dripping from the dispense nozzles whilst heating


We recommend descaling your hot tank every 6 months to maintain optimum performance, even if your BIBO isn’t presenting any of the symptoms above. This helps prevent limescale build-ups which may cause your BIBO harm in the future and none of us want to return to the doom days of the dreaded kettle!

Check out our hot water tank cleaning kits


Accessories and Replacements

Should you require any further accessories or replacement parts to keep your BIBO running smoothly, follow the handy links below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Speak with our expert team or use the chatbot on our website for help!


  1. Accessories and replacements: BIBO Classic
  2. Accessories and replacements: BIBO Fizz
  3. BIBO Filter Packs
  4. BIBO Cleaning Kits


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Other helpful care and maintenance resources


  1. BIBO User Manual
  2. BIBO Self Installation Guide
  3. BIBO Troubleshooting Guide


Have a maintenance question for our expert team? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our friendly advisors on hand to answer all of your queries. In the meantime, why not check out our guide to the health benefits of drinking water!



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