BIBO Water Dispenser FAQs

Dispense functions
Can I set a measured amount to dispense?

Yes, you can set different quantities for your hot, chilled and mix water. Simply enter the menu, place your favourite cup or container under the dispense nozzles and follow the on screen instructions to fill the container and save your changes.

Temperature settings
Can I change the temperatures on my BIBO?

The BIBO Classic’s temperature settings are fully programmable. Simply enter into the menu and set your desired temperature for extra hot, hot, chilled and mix water.


Leaving my BIBO
I’m going on holiday, what should I do with my BIBO?

if you are going to be leaving your BIBO home alone for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to turn the water and power supplies off. It will keep the date and time, as well as any of your programmed settings. When you get back simply turn the water and power supplies back on and dispense around 5 litres of water on the hot and cold side to flush through.


Power saving features
Are there power saving features on my BIBO?

Sleep mode

You can program your BIBO to enter sleep mode after 1 – 4 hours of inactivity. During sleep mode, your BIBO will continue to chill the water but the heating system will turn off. It can be woken up by pressing any key.

Power on/off mode

Much like your central heating system, you can program your BIBO to turn on and off at up to 3 different time intervals each day. During power off mode your BIBO will neither chill or heat the water and can be woken up by touching the menu key.


Power off
Can I turn my BIBO off when I’m not using it?

To maintain optimum efficiency and convenience we recommend leaving your BIBO plugged in and powered on every day but utilise its power saving features. This means you get the best of both worlds – the BIBO works as efficiently as possible and you get hot and cold water on demand!

Dispense height
Can I get a teapot, cafetiere or jug underneath the spout of my BIBO?

Yes, absolutely! Unlike similar products, both the BIBO Classic and the BIBO bar have been designed with a removable drip tray so that you can place items up to 23cm high underneath the spout.


BIBO dimensions
How big is my BIBO and will it take up much room on my worktop?

The BIBO Classic and BIBO bar are designed to fit neatly in a kitchen and slots easily underneath all standard overhead kitchen units.

BIBO Classic:

36cm High

38cm Deep

30cm Wide

23cm from base to dispense nozzles



BIBO colours
What colours does the BIBO come in?

Black, White, Silver, Pearl, Dark Red, Bright Red and Cream. If you would like a bespoke colour, please call us on 01993 880287 to discuss.


Child saftey features
What child safety features does my BIBO have?

We really want to protect those little hands so the BIBO Classic has a child lock. When the child lock is on the hot water can only be dispensed once a separate ‘unlock’ button has been pressed and held down for 3 seconds.


Cold water temperature
How cold is the water when it is dispensed?

The BIBO Classic can be set as low as 4˚C. As the temperatures are programmable you can have the cold water set between 4˚C – 16˚C


Hot water temperature
how hot is the water when it is dispensed?

The BIBO Classic can be set as hot as 98˚C, with it’s auotmatic temperature set to 96˚C as this is the perfect temperature for making tea and coffee. As the temperatures are programmable you can have the hot water set between 70˚C – 98˚C

Dispensing capacity
How much water will my BIBO produce?

The BIBO Classic offers 7 litres of chilled water per hour and 15 litres of hot water per hour. The flow rate for both the hot and cold water is 1.4L per minute.




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