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What comes in a filter pack?

BIBO Bar = 2 x Maxi Filter

BIBO Classic = 2 x Maxi Filter and 1 x UV Lamp

Can I recycle the filters?

Yes! Please do! Both the Maxi Filter and the UV Lamp are fully recyclable

I live in a hard water area, will this be a problem?

Our filters do not remove the minerals that cause limescale but the hot tank has been designed to keep those minerals in suspension so that the elements inside do not become furred. We offer a hot tank cleaning kit to descale your hot tank and we recommend you do this every 6 months regardless of the hardness of your water. We have actively avoided using an anti-scale “dosing” system, unlike our major competitor, because we do not believe that adding anti-scale chemicals to the water is the best option for the creation of pure water.

What is the filter pack delivery service?

The filter pack delivery service is an excellent way to make sure you receive your filter pack, each year, just when you need it. This hassle-free service requires only one payment a year, taken by direct debit and saves you over 20%!


Where can I buy the filters from?

You can buy filters here we then send you out your years supply in one filter pack and you can change them very easily! If you sign up for our filter pack delivery service then you’ll receive 20% off your filters and your annual supply sent out to you automatically without you having to order them each year!


How do I know when to change the filters in my BIBO?

The BIBO Classic is very clever and a message will flash up on its screen reminding you to change your filters. Once you have done this you can go into the menu and re-set the timer!


Why do I need to change the filters?

As you exceed the recommended 6 months’ life of the Maxi Filter Cartridge, the water your BIBO dispenses will reduce in quality. The water flow will also decline as the filter becomes clogged with the contaminants it has removed. Failure to change your filters at the recommended intervals will also unfortunately invalidate your warranty.


What do the filters do?

BIBO filters your tap water using a multi-stage filtration system and then delivers it directly into your cup or glass, boiling or chilled. The BIBO’s filtration system uses a carbon block filter cartridge to remove chlorine from your water to make it taste great, and intensively cleans the water to lower levels of many contaminants. The BIBO Classic offers an additional level of filtration; a powerful UV filter ensures the water is completely free from bacteria. The processes your tap water undergoes in your BIBO are similar to those undertaken by the best water bottling companies – we’ve simply miniaturised it and added the convenience of chilled and boiling water.

How often do I have to change my BIBO filters?

Maxi Filter = 6 months

UV Lamp = 1 year


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