BIBO Water Dispenser FAQs

Moving house
I’m moving house, can I take my BIBO with me?

Of course you can! We have disconnection instructions we can send to you and can come out to re-install your BIBO in your new home if you wish!


Installation locations
Does my BIBO have to be installed in a kitchen?

Not necessarily! Provided there is a water supply close enough we may just be able to install it where you like. Give us a call to discuss further on 01993 880287.


Installing outside of UK mainland
I want a BIBO but I live in the Scottish highlands or outside of the UK mainland

You can still purchase a BIBO but we cannot currently offer an installation service outside of the UK Mainland and in the following postcodes in the Highlands: HS, IV, KW, AB. Please note we can still ship BIBOs to these postcodes for you to arrange your own installation. In the event of a breakdown if you live in the above Scottish postcodes or outside of the mainland UK then you should return the BIBO to our HQ for repair.

Granite worktops
I’ve got a granite work top – can you still install my BIBO?

If you have a granite or marble worksurface that’s no problem. Our professional installers have narrow diamond-tipped drill bits which can create an 8mm hole with no mess and no fuss.


Mains water pressure
What mains pressure do I need for my BIBO to operate correctly?

BIBO operates happily between 1 and 6 bar of mains pressure.


Water supply location
What if there isn’t a water supply near where I want my BIBO to be positioned?

That’s not normally an issue, as long as there is a water supply within about 20 feet. If you want your BIBO positioned further away than this then please do give us a call on 01993 880287 to have a chat about it further!


BIBO Installation
How to install a BIBO water cooler and how long will it take?

We allow approx. 1 hour for an installation. Your BIBO is simply connected to your mains water supply, normally found under your sink, and then the thin, flexible 6mm pipe is run underneath the worktop to supply your BIBO. Our technician will drill a small 8mm hole for the pipe to run up to the back of the BIBO. It’s that simple! you can also see how a BIBO is installed here.


Can I install my BIBO myself or do you install it?

BIBO has a network of experienced installers who can install your BIBO for you, to make it easy for you and to ensure a high standard of connection to your water supply. This way we can also make sure that we’ve explained all the features to you in person. If you decide to rent the BIBO then we are legally obliged to complete the installation to ensure it is completed under best practice guidelines.

However, if you wish to purchase the BIBO and want to install it yourself then you can! We supply you with a handy installation kit and full instructions. You can see how the BIBO is installed here.



Delivery timeframe
I've ordered my BIBO, when will it arrive?

If you have opted for self-installation then we offer a next working day delivery service on all orders placed before 1pm. If you have opted for installation by us then our BIBO technician will bring your BIBO with them on the day of installation. Your installation would normally take place around 7-10 working days from the date of your order!

I live in a hard water area, will this be a problem?

Our filters do not remove the minerals that cause limescale but the hot tank has been designed to keep those minerals in suspension so that the elements inside do not become furred. We have actively avoided using an anti-scale “dosing” system, unlike our major competitor, because we do not believe that adding anti-scale chemicals to the water is the best option for the creation of pure water.

We offer a hot tank cleaning kit to descale your hot tank and we recommend you do this every 6 months regardless of the hardness of your water.

Softened water supply
Can I have my BIBO installed onto my water softener?

We can safely install your BIBO onto a softened water supply. Artificially softened water is not necessarily bad for you. People on low-sodium diets are sometimes told to avoid artificially softened water because the softening process replaces calcium ions with sodium ions, but that doesn’t mean it is “salty”, and a pint of softened water might contain less salt than a slice of bread. However, water softeners are installed to provide water for washing, not drinking, and most people prefer to drink hard water because it tastes better. That is why it is normal to install one un-softened “drinking water” tap to the kitchen sink, which is fed direct from the mains, with the rest of the house taking its water via the softener.

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