BIBO recommended in Sunday Express

This weekend’s Sunday Express Magazine featured a BIBO home water dispenser along side the new iPad and Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes…

BIBO in the Evening Standard

The Evening Standard’s interiors section has featured BIBO this week, saying it will clear the clutter of a filter jug and kettle

See BIBO at the Ideal Home Show 2012

BIBO has been handpicked to feature in This Morning presenter Alison Cork’s Ideal Home showcase.

BIBO hits the Gadget Show Live in 2012

BIBO has just signed up to exhibit at the Gadget Show Live in 2012, the UK’s leading consumer technology event.

Renters – don’t compromise on your kitchen appliances

With the average age of the first time buyer now reaching 38, ‘generation rent’ are now facing the prospect of up to 20 years of paying rent. People who rent properties often have to compromise on the quality of their kitchen as they ‘make do’ with the appliances already installed. Now, renters can benefit from… Read more >

Arm yourself with natural remedies for the flu season

According to the NHS, colds and flu affect over 15 million people in the UK each year and the flu season of 2010 / 2011 saw pandemic levels of confirmed influenza infections.  Over the years numerous tonics to increase our defences against cold and flu have been tried and tested. With the help of BIBO… Read more >

The Cool Hot New Kitchen Appliance

There’s a hot new gadget in town that everyone will want in their kitchen this Christmas. BIBO is a multifunctional counter top water filter dispenser that gives you chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button. With instant chilled or boiling water that’s filtered several times within the system to ensure purity, BIBO… Read more >

BIBO – for the perfect cup of tea

LONDON, UK, 8 August 2011 – Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Britain and according to the UK Tea Council – 66 percent of the British population drink tea every day, with 60.2 billion cups consumed each year. Tea is also a powerful antioxidant that helps soak up free radicals that have… Read more >

Pure water filtration system - BIBO Water dispenser
Pure water with a conscience

New Multi-Functional Water Filter For UK Homes Launches LONDON, UK, June 2011– A new counter top hot and cold water dispenser has been launched today to provide consumers with a cleaner, smarter and faster source of water in the home. The BIBO advanced water filter provides filtered water for cold  and hot drinks at the… Read more >

Christmas BIBO
Getting your BIBO in time for Christmas

Santa’s got a new helper this year… BIBO! If you’ve got friends and family coming to stay, BIBO can make hot drinks and provide chilled water all round in a flash


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