Virgin Pure Alternative

The BIBO home or office water dispenser is a compelling alternative to the home water dispenser offered by the Virgin Pure T6/T7.   so, what are the facts?   BIBO offers you a higher level of micron filtration with its silver impregnated carbon block micro filter and powerful UV Lamp filtration. The BIBO delivers a… Read more >

Dry January: 2 simple tricks to make it easy & fun!

Whether you’re sober-curious or want a reset after Christmas excess, Dry January is a tried and true way to change your relationship with alcohol. Did you know the concept dates back to 2011? When Emily Robinson signed up for her first-ever half marathon, she found the training a drag. The event took place in February,… Read more >

What type of gift giver are you?

Some say giving is better than receiving, but gift vouchers are a letdown for everyone. Jussaying. Much better to buy the gift you really want to give this Christmas. But what type of gift giver are you?   The eco-warrior You’re dreaming of a green Christmas with every Christmas card you write. (On recycled paper,… Read more >

14 standout reasons BIBO tops on style, function and peace of mind.

An eco-friendly water dispenser that looks good in the kitchen and beats the competition? Yes, please!   Here are fourteen reasons why investing in a Bibo Classic is a no-brainer.   The BIBO Classic comes in 12 colours, from classic black or white to bright red, orange and blue, helping you blend in with your… Read more >

BIBO instant hot filtered water system
Buying a Water Dispenser: How do they stack up to traditional hot and cold water sources?

When you want a drink of water, you usually get a bottle out of your fridge at home or turn on a tap. And when you want to make a hot drink, such as tea or coffee, you boil a kettle, right? That’s the story for most people in the UK.     But what if… Read more >

Water Dispensers vs Office Kettles

Installing a water dispenser in your office may be something you’ve thought about previously but ultimately dismissed. After all, the trusty office kettle has worked just fine for years, right? But what if we told you that kettles aren’t only inefficient and potentially harmful, but they will also cost you more money in the long-run?… Read more >

Office life is back – & it’s cosier than ever thanks to BIBO

A study suggests that rising energy prices will drive most office workers back to the workplace this winter. Experts say the change is due to employees weighing up the cost of working from home compared to commuting in the cost of living crisis. As an employer, you’re responsible for the comfort and safety of your… Read more >

The ultimate heatwave hack that will keep you cool this summer and beyond!

Dehydration is a common side effect of hot weather, especially during temperatures like those felt during the record heatwaves of July and August. Unfortunately, even mild dehydration is terrible news for the body’s cooling mechanisms. When the amount of blood circulating decreases, the body diverts blood to the muscles rather than the skin’s surface. As… Read more >

10 reasons why your body needs water!

Water isn’t just a life-sustaining necessity; it’s a tonic for your overall well-being. Understanding how water assists your body is essential to maintaining a healthy and vibrant life. By staying adequately hydrated, you’re actively contributing to healthy bodily functions. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the fascinating ways water benefits your body, from facilitating… Read more >

Top bloggers share five reasons why they love the BIBO Fizz.

We’re feeling fizzy about some great feedback we’ve had on the BIBO Fizz recently! Yes, we already knew our tabletop sparkling water maker was helping fizz fans cut down on plastic bottles and drink more water, but that’s just the beginning, according to these top bloggers.   Easy to use Making sparkling water with a… Read more >

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